5 Steps to Getting Started as a Caring.com Expert

If you're interested in being featured as an expert on Caring.com, just follow these five simple steps.

  1. Take a trip around Ask & Answer.

    This will help orient you to the kinds of questions that our caregivers ask and how we categorize them. Visit Ask & Answer.

  2. Familiarize yourself with our Terms of Use.

    All of our experts (and visitors) are bound by these simple guidelines. You can find them here: Terms of Use.

  3. Read our "Tips for Answering Questions."

    You have expertise. Our caregivers are asking you to share it. Read our quick Tips, culled from thousands of answered questions, to maximize your answer's impact.

  4. Answer a first question.

    Visit our Ask & Answer area and find a first question you'd like to answer. (You can search for unaswered questions or add your answer to an existing, answered question.)

    It's easiest to type your answer in Word or whichever text editor you use.

    Send your answer to expert-support@caring.com. We'll respond quickly, usually with some personalized feedback from our editorial staff.

  5. Prepare your bio.

    All experts receive a listing in our directory of experts and their own expert page. To populate these pages, you'll need to provide:

    1. A few short sentences that summarize your background. Feel free to include details not only about your professional credentials but also about your personal experiences with caregiving.
    2. A recent photo of you (a headshot).
    3. You may also suggest places you'd like your bio to link to, such as your website, book, blog.
    4. We'll also need an e-mail address where we can send notifications of new questions for you to answer.

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