Preparing for Hair Loss: What to Do

Knowing your parent may lose hair due to cancer treatments, it's a good idea to prepare in advance -- no matter whether it's your mom or dad who's affected. After all, some men opt for hairpieces, too. What are the steps to take?

  1. Do your research

  2. Tackle paperwork

  3. Find a supplier

  4. Visit wig stores

  5. Double up on wigs

  6. Buy adhesive

  7. Purchase a skullcap

  8. Make a homemade wig liner

  9. Sign up for a confidence-boosting class

  10. Consult a stylist

  11. Buy a soft brush

  12. Replace rough pillows

  13. Switch to chemical-free products

  14. Shampoo less frequently

  15. Plan ahead for the time to shave

  16. Shop for caps and scarves

  17. Keep powder handy

  18. Buy beauty supplies

  19. Invest in sunglasses

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