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Make Your PC Easier on the Eyes

Last updated: Jul 01, 2010

Senior adult woman working on computer

Looking for some simple ways to make your computer screen easier to see? Here are five how-to tips from Microsoft to help you:

  1. Make your font bigger
  2. Increase the size of your icons
  3. Use your magnifier
  4. Enlarge your mouse pointer
  5. Improve your screen resolution

I'd never heard of the magnifier tool; who knew? And it gets's already installed on your computer if you have Microsoft Windows (Vista or 7), so there's nothing to download. Just follow these simple steps to start using the magnifier tool right now:

  • Click the Start button (lower left corner)
  • Click All Programs
  • Click Accessories
  • Click Accessibility
  • Click Magnifier

Then simply move your curser to the part of the screen that you want to magnify.

Pretty cool, right?