Tech-Savvy Daughter Archive 2011

  1. No More Missed Pills February 09, 2011

    Whether or not a loved one has taken the appropriate medications at the appropriate times is a common concern. Managing a medication regime can be a complex task, especially for long-distance caregivers....  Read more

  2. Tech Tools for Long-Distance Caregiving - Part II January 27, 2011

    A common concern of long-distance caregivers is that their loved one will forget something important, like a doctor's appointment or an upcoming outing. The Snoozester...  Read more

  3. Tech Tools for Long-Distance Caregiving - Part I January 13, 2011

    Technology is defined as the usage of tools, techniques, or methods of organization to solve a problem. Today there are many tools, techniques, and methods of organization that can help address the unique challenges facing long-distance caregivers -- and over the next few weeks, I'll be featuring s......  Read more