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Oprah's Secret to Happiness

Last updated: Jul 13, 2011

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Oprah popularized the idea of keeping a gratitude diary, or journal, when she confided to her viewers and readers that she writes in one daily. There's good science behind it, too: An "attitude of gratitude" seems to make people happier.

Start simply: Each morning or evening, write down, in a designated notebook (or special fancy blank journal that you buy just for this) one thing for which you're grateful. The coffee that keeps you going? A beautiful sunset? Your loved one's unexpected smile? This simple exercise forces you to think about your life -- and caregiving situation -- in a different light, and can make dark times seem a little lighter. Then, once you've been at it for a few weeks, you can use the journal to brighten bad moods by looking back on your entries.

"“ Paula Spencer Scott