Take a Break

Buy (or Barter) Yourself a Clean House

Last updated: Sep 28, 2011

Woman Vacuuming

Some folks relax by cleaning house. If you're not one of them, cut yourself a break by finding an alternate way to get it done. Whether it's once a month or once or twice a year, the fresh scent of household cleansers and the loss of grime and clutter can lift your mood more than you might expect.

Hiring housecleaners for a onetime gig can set you back $100 to $200, depending on where you live. Or consider swapping chores with a relative or good friend: You provide a weekend or week's worth of dinners (cook double when you make your own) in exchange for housecleaning services. Or maybe you mow lawns while he or she dusts and vacuums. Someone out there may dislike those tasks as much as you dread tidying.

-- Paula Spencer Scott