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Road Trip! 90-Year Old Woman choses RV Adventure over Cancer Treatment

Last updated: Mar 18, 2016

After Norma Bauerschmidt, 90, was diagnosed with uterine cancer, she had a choice: move into assisted living or take a road trip with her son (Tim), daughter-in-law (Ramie), and their dog (Ringo).

“I think I’d like to come along [on the road trip]”, Norma said.

Starting in Michigan, their excursion included Mount Rushmore Old Faithful at Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Florida and Georgia.

With beer and cake overload during her travels, Norma was having a blast. Tim mentioned he never saw his mom smile so much.

Norma's decision proved to be the best treatment. She’s living life to the fullest, joining her family on the trip of a lifetime, and creating everlasting memories.