Smile of the Week

Full Moon

Last updated: May 12, 2011

2400mm True Full Moon

My friend had to take her mother to get a mammogram, so she decided to make an appointment for herself at the same time. Her daughter called to say she had an emergency meeting out of town and to ask if she could watch their 3-year-old granddaughter. So the woman took her granddaughter, her mother, and herself to the doctor's. Her mother changed into the hospital gown and started strolling down the hall while my friend was still scrambling to put on her gown on. As she tried to catch her mom, she whispered, "Mom, you could leave your panties on." "I didn't wear any," Mom smiled. "Me neither, Great-Gammy!" chimed in the granddaughter as she lifted her sundress and smiled back. Daughter smiled, stepped out of hers, and added, "The moon's shining bright today, girls!" -- Carol O'Dell, author of Dear Family Advisor