Self Caring

Caregivers' Pet Peeves

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Every caregiver has his or her personal list of pet peeves: those irritating situations, large or small, that get under your skin and make you craaaaazy.

For a friend, it's her dad's denial-fueled parsimony: He refuses to spend money on simple home modifictions or extra, private physical therapy for her mom, who's in a wheelchair after a stroke, but keeps buying (and canceling) plane tickets for imagined future vacations!

For me, it's always been doctors who don't communicate with one another. They have the medical degrees. They get our cash. Why are we expected to do their work, conveying what one expert says to the next one and making sure nothing falls through the cracks?

Which are your most annoying caregiving pet peeves?

  • Multi-part doctor visits?

Come today, back tomorrow, over there for blood work, now x-rays on the next floor, recheck next week"¦.

  • Would-be helpers who offer to help"¦but are never available?

Not, at least, on any of the days, weeks, or months you happen to ask.

  • Medications that look alike?

It's hard enough for us to tell them apart, let alone someone with fading eyesight.

  • Medicaid spend-down?

Why do our loved ones have to go broke before they get help?

  • When your loved one keeps the TV blaring all day, all night?

Especially when it's tuned to CNN because the dementia makes him forget the headlines, so the five-minute news cycle always seems fresh and interesting!

Can you relate to any of these hot buttons? Or add your own. I promise: You'll feel better just by naming it.