Self Caring Archive 2011

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  4. Let's Talk September 26, 2011

    Do you have someone with whom you can yammer away caregiving stress?...  Read more

  5. Was Pat Robertson Right? September 18, 2011

    The caregiving challenge of balancing loyalty to your spouse with loyalty to yourself. ...  Read more

  6. Critical Comments September 12, 2011

    You've been told to "just let it roll off your back" -- but how, exactly, do you do that? Here discover 5 tactics to help you tune out the unhelpful....  Read more

  7. When a Caregiver's Biggest Pain Isn't the Care Receiver September 05, 2011

    Some types of relatives heap extra stress on caregivers. Recognize these 5 characters?...  Read more

  8. Pat Summitt's Son and Crossing Over to "Caregiving" August 29, 2011

    A diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease affects families in ways they can't yet fully appreciate....  Read more

  9. If It's Monday, It Must Be a Chance to Start Fresh August 22, 2011

    How to be good to yourself this "Caregiver Monday."...  Read more

  10. A Loving Way to Combat the "Caregiver 10" August 15, 2011

    Can weight control -- and even caregiving sanity -- start with something as simple as self image?...  Read more

  11. A Surprising Source of Caregiving Tension August 08, 2011

    Caregivers and care receivers often don't "get" one another, new research shows....  Read more

  12. How Much Stress Is Too Much? August 01, 2011

    Will you know -- and act -- when reach a critical point in your caregiving?...  Read more

  13. How to Not Take It Personally July 25, 2011

    6 common scenarios caregivers too often blame themselves for -- needlessly...  Read more

  14. Speak Up or Sneak Around? Do You Tell An Employer About Your Eldercare Duties? July 17, 2011

    Four reasons workers are reluctant to tell their employers they're caregiving -- and five reasons speaking up can be helpful....  Read more

  15. Caregiving Isn't Funny -- Sometimes, It's Hilarious July 11, 2011

    Cracking up and wisecracks: inappropriate or sanity-saving?...  Read more