Self Caring Archive 2011

  1. Let's Talk September 26, 2011

    Do you have someone with whom you can yammer away caregiving stress?...  Read more

  2. Critical Comments September 12, 2011

    You've been told to "just let it roll off your back" -- but how, exactly, do you do that? Here discover 5 tactics to help you tune out the unhelpful....  Read more

  3. A Surprising Source of Caregiving Tension August 08, 2011

    Caregivers and care receivers often don't "get" one another, new research shows....  Read more

  4. Speak Up or Sneak Around? Do You Tell An Employer About Your Eldercare Duties? July 17, 2011

    Four reasons workers are reluctant to tell their employers they're caregiving -- and five reasons speaking up can be helpful....  Read more

  5. Caregiver Frustration: When a Needy Loved One Won't Let You Help July 04, 2011

    5 legitimate responses to being rebuffed or ignored...  Read more

  6. Caregivers' Pet Peeves June 03, 2011

    What annoys a caregiver most? Let us count the ways!...  Read more

  7. Are Guilt Trips the Only Trips You Get to Take? May 27, 2011

    Summer vacation season is especially hard on homebound caregivers. There go your friends and, yes, families to beaches and camp-outs and far-flung places. And here you are: Taking care of business and (like the postcards say) wishing you were there....  Read more

  8. 5 Caregiving Rules You Can Break March 08, 2011

    Don't be a prisoner of these outdated ideas about how caregivers are "expected" to act. Find out five rules you can break as a caregiver....  Read more

  9. Opposite of Love: When Caregivers Feel Something More Like Hate February 14, 2011

    Enough with the hearts and flowers. Sometimes caregiving changes the way you feel about a "loved one." Can you relate to these 5 love notes on hate?...  Read more

  10. When Your Help Isn't Any Help February 01, 2011

    Sometimes people who are supposed to help you only make things worse. Recognize these caregiving muck-up types....  Read more

  11. Get Up, Get Out, Skip the Chips, Think of Jack January 25, 2011

    Fitness guru Jack LaLanne has died at 96 -- and leaves a good example that even super-stressed caregivers can follow. ...  Read more

  12. The Art of Common Sense Caregiving January 04, 2011

    Caring for someone with Alzheimer's can be a difficult task, especially if you've never cared for anyone before. You probably know more than you think you do as a caregiver; ideas for trusting your gut. ...  Read more