Older Patients, Wiser Care Archive 2011

  1. Better Ways to Make Your Wishes Known June 07, 2011

    In my written instructions for family and caregivers I've stated: "If I'm living, let me live. If I'm dying, let me die." Is this enough? I'd appreciate some "informed advice" on this, with alternate suggestions."...  Read more

  2. Why Your Older Loved One May Want to Skip That Cancer Screening February 07, 2011

    Recent studies and expert guidelines have suggested that it's often appropriate to dial back on cancer screening as people age, especially if they have dementia or another condition...  Read more

  3. How to Avoid the Perils of a Too-Soon Hospital Discharge January 31, 2011

    Patients are sometimes discharged from a hospital sooner than they should be. Learn how to avoid an early and unsafe discharge from a hospital....  Read more

  4. There's More Than One Way to Cure Constipation January 20, 2011

    What's the best way to treat constipation that is caused by Vicodin? Is an over-the-counter laxative like Miralax recommended as a cure? My father has chronic back pain due to arthritis...  Read more