Older Patients, Wiser Care Archive 2010

  1. 11 Ways We All Can Counter the "Disadvantages of Old Age" December 27, 2010

    Find out eleven ways to counter the disadvantages of old age. Ways to help the elderly feel not so disadvantaged at Caring.com....  Read more

  2. Is a Bracelet to Restore Balance and Energy Too Good to Be True? December 06, 2010

    What are your thoughts on the new bracelet called I-Renew? Does it actually restore energy and balance, or is it a scam? iRenew bracelet info at Caring.com....  Read more

  3. When to Worry About Weight Loss and Poor Nutrition November 22, 2010

    Learn when to worry about senior weight loss and poor nutrition in the elderly. "I'm worried about nutrition for my 84-year-old aunt, who lives alone. What should I do?"...  Read more

  4. Why the Doctor Sometimes Talks to the Caregiver Instead of the Patient November 08, 2010

    Get the facts about communication during doctor appointments and caregiving at Caring.com. Sometime doctors talk to the caregiver instead of the patient, learn why....  Read more

  5. How Can I Convince Seniors to Get a Flu Shot? October 25, 2010

    Get the facts about flu shots and flu season at Caring.com. Here are some of the common reasons I hear for resisting vaccination, along with my usual responses: You can get the flu from the flu shot....  Read more

  6. Why "High" Blood Pressure Is Sometimes Okay October 11, 2010

    Why is "high" blood pressure sometimes ok? Get the facts you need about high blood pressure....  Read more

  7. To Pull or Not to Pull? Deciding Whether to Get Late-Life Dentures September 27, 2010

    Your father's situation is relatively common, and an important issue for caregivers to pay attention to. Being able to eat comfortably is a vital aspect of one's quality of life...  Read more

  8. Heart Attacks at 65 and Older: The Symptoms Aren't Always What You'd Think September 13, 2010

    Over the past few decades, medical research has shown that women, as well as older people of either gender, often have heart attack symptoms that are very different from the so-called "classic" chest pain and/or pressure that middle-aged men tend...  Read more

  9. Are Bed Rails Killers or Safety Nets? August 16, 2010

    Using bed rails isn't considered 100 percent safe- but then again, neither are the alternatives! Bed rails are now viewed with much more suspicion (and some facilities have even removed them), for these reasons. ...  Read more

  10. Antihisthamines and Aricept Don't Mix. But What if You Need Both? August 03, 2010

    Antihistamines and Aricept Don't Mix. But What if You Need Both? "¨Unfortunately, when it comes to medications in the elderly, it's often darned if you do, darned if you don't. Sometimes you have to tinker around and use trial and error to find the best combination of benefits and burdens."¨"¨...  Read more

  11. Why We Can't Predict the Final Stage of Heart Valve Problems July 19, 2010

    How long does it take for a valve to close and what will happen during this process? What will it be like for a person suffering from severe aortic stenosis? ...  Read more

  12. He Was Terminally Ill -- but Not Yet Eligible for Hospice July 05, 2010

    When you don't qualify for hospice but are seriously ill, Advanced Illness Management (AIM) programs can help you get care in your home from trained professionals. ...  Read more

  13. Should You Tell Someone He or She Has Alzheimer's? June 21, 2010

    Should you tell someone he or she has Alzheimer's?.......Get the answer to this and other related alzheimer's questions at Caring.com...  Read more

  14. A Way to Lower Drug Costs: Make Sure They're All Still Necessary June 14, 2010

    Find out an innovative approach to lowering your prescription drug costs. Schedule a visit with her doctor. Ask for a medication review, and be sure to specify that you want to review the benefits of each...  Read more

  15. Dementia and Driving May 31, 2010

    Find out why you can't leave it up to a loved one with dementia to make a decision about when to stop driving....  Read more