Older Patients, Wiser Care Archive 2009

  1. 12 Advantages of Old Age September 22, 2016

    Find out why being old doesn't mean you can't have fun. Enjoy some old age humor and learn about the 12 advantage of being old. Thankfully, getting older is not all bad. ...  Read more

  2. Does the Patient Have Dementia or Alzheimer's? December 11, 2009

    A helpful article explains the difference between Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Learn about memory loss, types of dementia, dementia symptoms, Alzheimer's and more. ...  Read more

  3. Hospital or Hospice November 20, 2009

    When an elderly patient is critically ill, sometimes offering choices can help with difficult decisions. Find out more about a hospital vs. hospice decision....  Read more

  4. The Man Couldn't Walk. Why Did the ER Miss His Fractured Pelvis? October 23, 2009

    Misdiagnosed Fractured Pelvis. Learn how an ER can misdiagnose a pelvis fracture, how to recognize and react to a fractured pelvis....  Read more

  5. Why I Withheld Blood Pressure Meds October 09, 2009

    Learn why some doctors may give the wrong medical advice to an older loved one and how to assist doctors in getting a more complete health assessment to avoid bad medical advice....  Read more