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What Andy Rooney Would Do If He Could Live His Life All Over Again

Last updated: Oct 03, 2011

Andy Rooney

It's not every day a 92-year-old broadcaster retires. Heck, it's not every day a 92-year-old is still working in any field. Of all the coverage of Andy Rooney's final curmudgeon-cast on "60 Minutes" Sunday night, this nugget might resonate among those who spend time caring for older adults.

In a CBS profile interview, Morley Safer asked Rooney what he'd do if he had his life to live over again.

Rooney said he'd choose to be on TV and have a spot on "60 Minutes," where he could write and say what he wanted. In other words, he'd re-live exactly the life he had. (They also talked about death, which Rooney says he thinks about "quite a bit" and "doesn't appeal to me at all." Who can blame him?)

It's a great question to ask any older loved one: How would you live your life all over again? And it's a equally great question to consider for ourselves, when we're looking back from 92, or right now. Tick, tick, tick, tick"¦.

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