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Using Maggots to Clean Wounds "“ Creepy or Curative?

Last updated: Oct 10, 2011

Hawaiian researchers suggested a new (or, rather, a very, very old) approach to healing stubborn wounds in diabetics with poor circulation "“ applying maggots. Researchers gave the maggot treatment to 37 diabetes patients, some with wounds they'd been battling for five years. Sealed inside a mesh enclosure, the insects had two days to munch on dead tissue and bacteria before getting replaced by a fresh batch of bugs. The researchers repeated the process an average of five times per patient.

Grossed out yet? Consider the possible benefits "“ the critters helped 21 of the 37 patients. According to The Chicago Tribune, the success cases included ten wounds infected with B streptococci, nine with MSSA, and five with MRSA.

Maybe the bugs aren't so bad after all.