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Obama Honors Family Caregivers, Others

Last updated: Nov 02, 2011

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It looks like November will be an exciting month in the world of caregiving: President Obama has declared it National Family Caregivers Month, National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month, and National Diabetes Month, along with a few other things.

While it's hard to find any month or day that isn't designated for one cause or another, it's always nice to get presidential acknowledgment of the challenges you face and the hard work you do every day.

In the proclamation on National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month, the president mentioned new research being done and administrative changes that might help researchers coordinate and collaborate better, saying, "This month, we remember the Americans we have lost to Alzheimer's disease, and we stand with the individuals and families who have felt the pain and sorrow brought in its wake. In light of their hardship, let us make every effort to support the families, caregivers, medical professionals, and researchers who improve the lives of those affected by this disease. We join them in looking toward a future free of Alzheimer's disease, and we recommit to making that vision a reality."

In the proclamation on National Diabetes Month, Obama highlighted the growing incidence of diabetes and mentioned a few initiatives, including the First Lady's Let's Move! program, that might help improve outcomes for people who already have diabetes and prevent others from developing it.

Perhaps most touchingly, in the proclamation on National Family Caregivers Month, Obama said, "During National Family Caregivers Month, we honor the millions of Americans who give endlessly of themselves to provide for the health and well-being of a beloved family member. Through their countless hours of service to their families and communities, they are a shining example of our Nation's great capacity to care for each other."