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Married 72 Years, Died Within an Hour of Each Other, Holding Hands

Last updated: Oct 20, 2011

The Cake Top

Sometimes you see pictures of couples celebrating 50th or 60th wedding anniversaries and they look so sour that you wonder whether "celebrate" is an apt verb or not. And sometimes you hear a story like this Iowa couple's:

Married for 72 years, Gordon (94) and Norma (90) Yeager were still living independently on the day they went driving and Gordon turned accidentally into the path of another vehicle last week. Wed on the day Norma graduated from high school, they were by all accounts inseparable.

Brilliantly, medical staff in Marshalltown, Iowa, put them in the intensive care unit together after the accident. He died first. At first, those present were confused because there was still a detectable heartbeat -- Norma's, who was holding his hand. She died exactly an hour later, to the minute.

Maybe he shouldn't have still been driving. Or maybe such an accident could have happened to anyone.

They shared the same casket at the funeral, still holding hands.

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