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Cyber Monday and Senior Care

Last updated: Nov 25, 2012

searching for care for mom

The post-Thanksgiving "Cyber Monday" is all about shopping; but in the eldercare world, the day kicks off the season of shopping for senior care options for relatives.

That's because the holidays bring families together, often exposing problems in living situations that can no longer be ignored. It's also when far-flung families tend to gather to discuss -- and try to address -- situations that have been growing more challenging.

Net result: A need to start researching living options, making calls, and scheduling visits.

These tools can help:

  • In-home care explainer
    Many different services can expand the amount of time your loved one is able to safely live independently. Getting familiar with the options is a good place to start.

  • Nursing home, assisted living, or independent living?
    Sort out the different levels of assistance to see what might be most appropriate.

  • Assisted living checklist
    There's nothing like knowing what kinds of questions to ask as you narrow your search for the optimal living situation.

  • A local (to your parent) geriatric care manager
    Many people aren't aware this profession exists. While expensive, geriatric care managers can be "eyes and ears" on the ground for long-distance caregivers, and help you get the lay of the land in a city you're unfamiliar with.

  • Free conference call services
    Family conference calls allow everyone to stay on the same page in an easy way.

That's just a start of the many resources available to help navigate a housing change. What would you recommend to others just starting the journey?