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Can This Man Solve Your Problems?

Last updated: Oct 25, 2011

Age Wave

A vitamin formulated for older adults? An easy-to-open container for arthritis pain medicine? They might sound like no brainers if you're in a certain demographic, but somebody had to get the concept rolling -- and the someone behind Centrum Silver, Tylenol Arthritis Pain, and a host of other aging-friendly products is psychologist-turned-positive-aging gerontologist Ken Dychtwald. Twenty years ago, he wrote a book called Age Wave, about how Baby Boomers will change aging.

And now guess who's turning 65?

In a new Forbes profile, Dychtwald ticks off the product opportunities: Workout pants that react to changes to help reduce falls. "Third-age experience agents" who function as life coach/matchmaker/career counselor/travel agent. "Internet cemeteries" where digital memorials replace physical graves.

He also rightly notes the shortage of geriatricians, paltry Alzheimer's research funding, and the fragmented state of long-term care. Hopefully, he has some good ideas going for aging's dark side, too.

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