FYI Daily Archive 2012

  1. The Surprising Reason Aging Eyes Need Bright Sunlight May 16, 2017

    Fascinating new research says the eyes are key to much physical health....  Read more

  2. Exercise and Longevity December 12, 2012

    Research shows that exercise can help you live longer. Discover all 6 perks of exercise that caregivers can appreciate....  Read more

  3. Bed Rail Safety November 29, 2012

    Though portable bed rails are often marketed as safe, they can increase the risk of injury and death. Find out more about bed rail safety on  Read more

  4. Aging Well and Boomers November 21, 2012

    Will you age better than those you care for -- or worse? Find out what Baby Boomers can learn from older generations about aging well. From  Read more

  5. Help for Hoarding November 19, 2012

    Coping with someone else's clutter can be as hard emotionally as it is practically. Here, 6 practical tips to help. From  Read more

  6. Alzheimer's Drug Researcher Becomes a Patient June 22, 2012

    Scientist with younger-onset Alzheimer's knows all too well the importance of clinical trials....  Read more

  7. Are "Well-Spouse Affairs" Different From Others? June 08, 2012

    Is it considered cheating to have an extramarital affair when your spouse is terminally ill? ...  Read more

  8. The Long, Long (Too Long?) Goodbye May 25, 2012

    Chronicling a mother's painful decline: "A dwindler," doctor says ...  Read more

  9. Guide Dogs for Dementia Care April 24, 2012

    Dogs are being trained to perform care tasks such as delivering medicine and helping dementia patients locate something they can't find. ...  Read more

  10. Time for Another Alzheimer's Stamp? April 19, 2012

    Campaign underway; last such stamp debuted in 2008...  Read more

  11. CDC: Most Americans Get Enough Vitamins April 04, 2012

    Here's some encouraging news: According to the CDC, most Americans get enough of the key vitamins and minerals in their diet....  Read more

  12. How Anger Makes You Physically Sick April 03, 2012

    Angry outbursts can increase risk for heart attack and stroke, but not expressing anger can be even more deadly. ...  Read more

  13. Who Will Take Care of You? March 27, 2012

    A generation low in empathy threatens future caregiving, scholar says...  Read more

  14. New Alzheimer's Drug Questioned March 23, 2012

    Same effectiveness, more side effects than earlier formulation, doctors say...  Read more

  15. Car Dealer Takes Back Fancy Dementia Impulse Buy March 13, 2012

    You'd complain, too, over a sportscar a family member can't really drive -- or afford....  Read more