FYI Daily Archive 2011

  1. Memory Pill? It Might be Closer Than You Think December 19, 2011

    Researchers at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston have found that suppressing an immune molecule known as PKR gives mice a big memory boost....  Read more

  2. Gift Ideas for Someone With Alzheimer's December 15, 2011

    For dementia-friendly choices, focus on these 6 key word....  Read more

  3. Diabetes With Depression Doubles Dementia Risk December 05, 2011

    They're like the three R's, but less fun: When people make type 2 diabetes and depression, they're twice as likely to get dementia too....  Read more

  4. Having Dementia Doesn't Make You a "Hopeless Patient" November 21, 2011

    New movement lead by university researchers seeks to change the way people think and talk about dementia patients. ...  Read more

  5. To Live Longer, Make Changes Big and Small November 19, 2011

    To change individuals, change communities, longevity expert says....  Read more

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