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Be Social and Save Your Memory

Last updated: Jun 07, 2008

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Caregiving can be an isolating experience. But here's some news that might motivate you to keep circulating. There's yet another new study out showing that an active social life helps stave off memory loss. This one, from the Harvard School of Public Health, looked at a large group of age 50-plussers. Turns out that people in their 50s and 60s who had active social lives showed the slowest rates of memory decline.

Doesn't seem to matter whether you get together with family, friends, a support group, colleagues, or others. Any source of social engagement seems to work, so long as it's an ongoing source of social support and involvement.

Other news this week inspires two suggestions for that social time:

DO bring a bottle of red wine. It contains reverstrol, which University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers say retards aging in much lower doses than previously thought.

DON'T bring pot. On top of being illegal, researchers Down Under report it leads to brain abnormalities, including memory loss.

Image by Flickr user Robin Hutton, used under the Creative Commons attribution license.