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Shingles Isn't The Only Vaccination Seniors Need: May As Well Check In One Fell Swoop

Last updated: May 03, 2008

The news that everyone over 60 is supposed to get a shingles vaccine is an important one for the “to do" list of anyone caring for a senior (or getting up in years themselves). Put a giant star by it. (The Centers for Disease Control recently made this recommendation.)

Shingles is a pretty nasty skin condition that can be extremely painful and sometimes dangerous. Seniors are vulnerable. Hallelujah for anything that prevents shingles. (Lots of news and blogging on this announcement.)

But after  this isn’t the only vaccine recommended for seniors. I hate to add items to your list; I really do. But while you’re looking into getting your parents shingles vaccines, you may as well see what else they need. The CDC’s adult vaccination list includes:


Here's a handy chart from the  Immunization Action Coalition, a medical advisory organization.

Your parents’ doctor will need to confirm exactly what’s best for them and when, depending on their medical history, vaccination history, and health. But why not save time and look into it all at once?