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Talking Your Parent Into Trying Talk Therapy

Last updated: Mar 17, 2008

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Can't get Dad up off the couch? You might try switching him to a new one -- in a psychotherapist's office. In his recent article in Psychiatric Times, Mark Miller makes a compelling case for combining antidepressant and talk therapy in treating older people who are depressed. Miller cites several studies that show how psychotherapy can ease late-life depression, and he explains how talk therapy can help older people. It can help them:

  • Learn new ways to cope
  • Work on relationships with family and friends
  • Engage in activities they enjoy
  • Feel more hopeful

Even if you're convinced, selling your parent on the idea might not be easy. A lot of elder parents are resistant to the idea of talk therapy, despite its potential benefits.For practical strategies to convince your parent to try psychotherapy, I thought I'd turn to you. Have you talked to your parent about trying counseling for depression? What approach worked? What didn't work? And if your parent tried psychotherapy, how did it pan out?

Image by Christian Guthier used under Creative Commons attribution license.