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Embarrassment Assistance! The Gift of Plain Wrapping

Last updated: Apr 28, 2008

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Sometimes small efforts can make a huge positive difference. I like to think of these as heart-gems. I discovered one a few weeks ago, when I was writing a blog about nursing homes and diaper care. Many elders need diapers (incontinence is a common problem for seniors) but are too embarrassed to shop for them. (Utterly understandable.) They fret, worry, and agonize.

Simple solution: Adult diapers (and other incontinence products) can be purchased on-line and shipped to your parents in a plain package. Now this may sound old-hat to us (relatively speaking) younger folk, who are comfy with the internet (though perhaps less so than our kids). But your parents may not realize they have this option.

You can order diapers for your parents. Of if they’re somewhat computer savvy, they may prefer doing it themselves, but need pointers.  I did a search using the terms “adult diapers” and “adult incontinence products,” and came up with numerous stores. Most mention plain packaging.

To order, you'll need specifics, such as size and type. Browsing online stores is a good way to learn what’s available. There’s an array of products designed for comfort and discretion.

This makes me think of all the things we can buy on the internet today that might help our parents, especially if they’re home-bound or have limited mobility. What's helped yours?

Image by Flickr user sporkist, used under the Creative Commons Attribution License.