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How to Take a Vacation With Diabetes

Last updated: Jul 03, 2008


Summer is here and gas prices are astronomical. There goes the road trip. So many obstacles in the way of a summer holiday.  Here's one that shouldn't stop you: your parent's diabetes.

It's true that eating on the road (or in the air) can present challenges for your parent with type 2 diabetes, but with planning and attention your parent can take a break and still keep her blood glucose and weight in check.

That doesn't mean, however, that she can take a break from her disease. 

Need inspiration? Fellow traveller Alan, an Aussie type- 2er who blogs about his condition, just completed an around-the-world jaunt that lasted seven weeks and took in nine cuisines. 

He's come back with a bag of tricks to share, including:

1. Order appetizers or soups. Either of these options is often  meal in itself, but if it isn't, your parent can order both. It's smart to skip main courses, which are often piled with too much food.

2. Test, don't guess. If your parent eats at a restaurant she's likely to revisit, she should test one hour afterwards to check her blood sugar.  That may affect her decision to return -- or her menu selection when she does.

3. Eat and exercise. If your parent's hotel includes a low-carb breakfast choices, great. If not, or it's prohibitively expensive, take a stroll together in the area the night before to find a cafe that will do the job.

4. Cull carbs.  Substitute salad or vegetables for fries.  If your parent is eating Asian food, where rice is served with every meal, leave most of it on the plate.

5. Stay strong. Raised to clean her plate and not waste food, it can be hard for your parent not to eat everything put in front of her. Remind her it's okay to leave some.What advice do you have for others whose parents may be taking a trip?

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