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High Gas Prices May Encourage Older Drivers to Choose the Bus

Last updated: Jun 16, 2008

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If you’re struggling to get your parents to stop driving, record high gas prices could be your ally. Gas pump shock is converting plenty of people into diehard public transportation fans.

With gas at over $4 a gallon and no relief in sight, people in all economic classes are looking for alternatives to cars. Seniors on fixed incomes are especially motivated.

If you’re trying to nudge your parents away from driving, why not bring up the price of gas, followed by some quick suggestions on alternative ways of getting around. Or offer to try-out the bus or train together, a kind of orientation tour. High gas prices may give some older drivers a welcome out: “It’s not me, it’s pure economics.” Got any ideas for alternative transportation you can add to the list?

Even public transportation and paratransit operators are watching gas prices with fear, dread, and an eye on change, as mentioned by the informative paratransitwatch blog. Don’t worry, though; this won’t lead to the demise of buses. It just means that your parents may get to try out some cool cutting edge alternative-fueled vehicles. The way things are going, you may want to toss your own car keys in the bottom drawer and join them at the bus stop. I may see you there.

Image by flickr user Nathan Kaufman

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