Caring Currents

Back It Up

Last updated: Mar 28, 2008

Bosses, want loyal employees? Give them access to employer-sponsored backup childcare and elder care referalls.

That's the conclusion of a new poll conducted by LifeCare Inc., a company that -- coincidentally -- provides these services to employers. Eighty-eight percent of working parents who responded to the poll said that these types of benefit programs would make them more loyal to their employers. Only 6 percent of respondents said such a program wouldn't make them any more loyal.

Backup elder and childcare can also help reduce employee absenteeism and productivity losses, noted LifeCare CEO Peter G. Burki in a statement. That's a nice way of saying that employees who have access to backup care providers don't have to skip work to take their parent to the doctor or spend hours on the phone keeping tabs on their kids when they're supposed to be working.

Burki says that the number of employers offering these types of benefits has doubled in recent years, although he didn't give any numbers.

Does your employer offer any type of backup care service as part of their benefit package? Would you be any more loyal to an employer with this kind of benefit?