Caring Currents Archive 2010

  1. Secret Cure for Deadly Stress: Taking the Team Approach May 27, 2010

    Stress is deadly, linked to many serious health conditions, but we can reduce stress by learning not to see ourselves as solely responsible, but to ask for help. ...  Read more

  2. Prescription Medications Cost Too Much? Here's What to Do May 20, 2010 has many resources that can help you figure out ways to afford the prescriptions you or your family members need. Prescription drug costs rose by almost ten percent this year, the highest jump in nine years....  Read more

  3. Is Stress Sabotaging Your Heart? May 13, 2010

    Here's how and why to decrease stress in your life before it kills you. This week researchers announced data showing that stress from overwork can indeed kill. ...  Read more

  4. How to Find a Doctor Who Listens - and Cares May 06, 2010

    Finding a caring doctor who listens to you and works with you to care for yourself or your family member is key to maintaining good health as we age....  Read more

  5. Five Signs It May be Time to Break Up With Your Doctor April 29, 2010

    In many cases, it's like a bad relationship; communication has broken down and you and your family member aren't getting what you need.Here are five signs it may be time to "break up" with your doctor:...  Read more

  6. Getting Proactive About Prostate Cancer April 22, 2010

    A new screening test for prostate cancer, the Prostate Health Index, proves more accurate than the standard PSA test at detecting which prostate cancer tumors are aggressive and require surgery....  Read more

  7. Having Surgery? Protect Yourself From Dangerous Blood Clots April 15, 2010

    Blood clots, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE) are very serious risks for patients who go into the hospital for surgery but can be prevented with safety measures such as anti-clotting drugs and compression stockings....  Read more

  8. Has a Pre-existing Condition Kept You From Getting Insurance? Now It's Yours April 08, 2010

    The new health bill guarantees insurance to those previously denied because of a pre-existing condition, a promise nobody is calling anything but a good idea....  Read more

  9. How to Get Real, Practical Help From Your Doctor When You Need It April 01, 2010

    Get tips for leaving the doctor's office with real practical help and referrals for carrying out the doctor's advice about health issues and lifestyle changes....  Read more

  10. When a Call to Hospice Is a Gift to the Caregiver March 25, 2010

    Hospice services can be a gift to caregivers but many people call hospice too late despite the fact that hospice can bring great relief to all at the end of life....  Read more

  11. What the Scary News About Women Dying From Heart Attacks Means for You March 18, 2010

    Women are dying after having heart attacks in much higher numbers than men because they're not being referred for screening and aren't being offered treatment by angioplasty....  Read more

  12. The Skinny on Red Meat: It's Heart Healthy If Not Cured March 10, 2010

    New warnings link smoked and cured meats with heart attack risk - but research also finds that fresh red meat is healthier than previously thought. Get the facts about new red meat guidelines at  Read more

  13. Talking to Someone With Dementia: Is It Okay to Fib? March 09, 2010

    A firsthand lesson in the benefits of a well-placed fib when talking to someone with Alzheimer's. Talking to someone with Alzheimer's who's still conversant can be a little maddening IF you let it get to you....  Read more

  14. Ladies, Is a Grouchy Patient with Cancer or Another Illness Making You Miserable? March 08, 2010

    A helpful article with tips on caring for irritable men with cancer and other illnesses. They can be grumpy, mean, and disrespectful, making the job of caring for them twice as hard....  Read more

  15. After a Stroke: What to Expect When Life Turns Upside Down March 03, 2010

    Find out what to expect after a loved one suffers a stroke and the different effects on men and women. Also get actionable information to ease the effects of stroke....  Read more