Caring Currents Archive 2009

  1. The Junk Wars: 8 Ways to Get Rid of Aging Parents' "Stuff" July 26, 2017

    Many of you face the "junk wars" -- sorting through the accumulated years of your aging parents' "stuff". Learn 8 ways to get rid of the junk, plus your resentment over having to deal with it....  Read more

  2. 8 Spring Pick-Me-Ups for Tired Caregivers March 23, 2016

    A helpful article with a list of eight spring pick me ups for tired caregivers. No matter how dedicated or cheerful a caregiver feels toward his or her responsibility, it's inevitable to need a pick me up once in a while....  Read more

  3. 10 Feel-Good Dementia Caregiver New Year Resolutions December 30, 2015

    A helpful article with 10 new year resolutions for dementia caregivers. Learn how to have a smoother, less stressful new year caring for someone with dementia....  Read more

  4. How to Say Thank You to a Caregiver This Thanksgiving November 19, 2015

    How do you say thank you to a caregiver? Here are some ideas for thanking both family caregivers and paid caregivers. It'll make them and you feel better....  Read more

  5. World Alzheimer's Day and Why People With Alzheimer's Need It September 20, 2010

    World Alzheimer's Day is September 21. Here are three things the world should know about people with Alzheimer's disease. World Alzheimer's day honors all who have suffered ...  Read more

  6. Depression and Dependence: When It's Time to Say, "I Need Time Alone" January 01, 2010

    Depression and isolation in seniors can leave caregivers feeling like social secretaries for lonely relatives; tips for talking about needing time alone from the loved one you're caring for....  Read more

  7. Cancer and Dementia December 28, 2009

    Find out what research says about how dementia complicates a cancer diagnosis and how dementia affects lifespan of someone with cancer....  Read more

  8. Happy Holidays to YOU; 5 Ways to Care for Yourself This Christmas December 24, 2009

    I know, it sounds a little selfish, a little silly even. But you'd be surprised how well it works. Here are some of the tricks I've been trying, most of them gleaned from other wise caregivers....  Read more

  9. 5 Ways to Avoid Getting Pushed to the Brink by Alzheimer's Care December 22, 2009

    Alzheimer's caregiving can be taxing to the point of madness. Learn about pro-active solutions to avoid Alzheimer's caregivers from getting pushed to the brink....  Read more

  10. Prevent Winter Falls with These 6 Safety Tips December 22, 2009

    An article with a list of 6 safety tips on falls. Preventing winter falls for older adults is a constant fear. We know from experience that a fall can put in motion a chain of events and health issues....  Read more

  11. Is TDM-1 a Miracle Drug for Advanced Breast Cancer? December 20, 2009

    TDM1 may be a miracle drug for metastatic breast cancer for those with a HER2-positive diagnosis. The new experimental drug has been in clinical trials since January....  Read more

  12. Do Drinking Coffee and Tea Prevent Diabetes? December 16, 2009

    How can drinking tea and coffee prevent diabetes? A new study shows that people who drink several cups of coffee or tea a day - even decaf versions - can dramatically lower their risk of diabetes....  Read more

  13. Season's Greetings Cards, To and About Someone With Dementia December 15, 2009

    Find advice for caregivers about sending greeting cards for someone with alzheimer's. Often times for someone with dementia, greeting cards can be a little gift that literally keeps on giving....  Read more

  14. What To Do When There's Cancer In Your Family December 11, 2009

    Get the facts because when multiple cases of cancer strike one family, it can feel like you're at increased risk from your genetics, but hereditary cancer is actually rare....  Read more

  15. New Treatments Bring Hope for Advanced Parkinson's Disease December 09, 2009

    Learn about two new treatments for advanced Parkinson's disease and controlling tremors in people who do not respond to medication. Both treatments have brought hope to those suffering from advanced parkinson's disease....  Read more