Caring Currents Archive 2008

  1. 10 Signs a Senior Needs Assistance September 01, 2009

    A helpful article with 10 telltale signs that a senior needs stepped-up caregiving assistance. Make sure you know how to read the signs to avoid the pain, grief, or suffering of being too late....  Read more

  2. Holiday Tipping December 19, 2008

    Use this 4-step formula to holiday tipping and giving gifts to the home health aides and other service workers who help us help our aging parents....  Read more

  3. Witnessing Dementia December 15, 2008

    Family and friends ofter underestimate people with Alzheimer's and dementia. In one case an Alzheimer's patient can still play ping pong with the best of them....  Read more

  4. Caregiving Advice From a Doctor Who's Been There December 11, 2008

    In a recent chat, McCullough shared his personal caregiving advice, gleaned from being in the trenches, just like the rest of us, but in his case, mostly caregiving from afar. * Take the time to spend some time with the people who support your parent. ...  Read more

  5. Nursing Home Sex December 09, 2008

    Do nursing homes understand the sexuality of residents? What you need to know about seniors and sex in nursing homes....  Read more

  6. Medicare Hospice Time Limits December 08, 2008

    There are limits on how long Medicare will cover hospice care. Learn about one family's experience "getting kicked off hospice for not dying soon enough."...  Read more

  7. Could Online Insomnia Therapy Solve a Senior's Sleep Problem? December 04, 2008

    Online insomnia therapy is a new approach to tackling a tired, old problem: difficulty sleeping. Chronic insomnia can also increase a person's risk for a variety of health ailments, including heart attack, stroke, and diabetes....  Read more

  8. 11 Kinds of Music to "Soothe the Savage Beast" of Dementia November 13, 2008

    Learn more about music therapy for Alzheimer's. 11 ways to use music to benefit someone with a dementing illness like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's dementia, or other dementias. ...  Read more

  9. Nursing Home Boredom November 10, 2008

    If you're worried about your loved one getting bored in a nursing home, discover 10 boredom busters for frail seniors....  Read more

  10. Final Messages November 07, 2008

    Learn about Nearing Death Awareness a "final gift" because it helps dying people make sense of their lives. It's a gift for caregivers, as well, because it grants them a more profound understanding of their dying loved one and of their own mortality....  Read more

  11. This May Be the Most Useful Alzheimer's Advice November 07, 2008

    This may be the most useful Alzheimer's disease advice. Alzheimer's caregivers can often resolve problem behaviors by first asking one question: "Why is this happening?"...  Read more

  12. Flu Season Alert: Watch for Signs of Leukemia in Seniors November 06, 2008

    Leukemia in seniors can be easy to overlook because it can mimic the symptoms of the flu or a bad cold. Learn how to tell the difference at  Read more

  13. Caring for an Alcoholic Parent: A Special Challenge November 04, 2008

    Caring for a an alcoholic is one of the most challenging and thankless caregiving situations. Connect with others to find solace, sympathy and good advice....  Read more

  14. "Boomerang Seniors" -- More Aging Parents Are Moving in With Their Kids October 28, 2008

    The economic crisis and falling home values are contributing to an increase in aging parents and seniors moving in with their adult children. Learn how to cope....  Read more

  15. 10 Ideas for Getting a Reluctant Person Checked for Alzheimer's October 25, 2008

    A helpful article with suggestions for getting a reluctant person to be evaluated for memory problems with a screening for Alzheimer's or dementia. Reluctance to testing for Alzheimer's and dementia is a common problem....  Read more