Activity of the Week

Stamped Thank-You and Thinking-of-You Cards

Last updated: May 14, 2012


As delightful as it is to receive a card in the mail, it's just as satisfying to send one. Saying thank you to the nurse who took extra time with you on your last doctor's visit or sending a "Just thinking of you" card to a high school buddy can brighten the recipient's day. Store-bought cards are good, but it's even more thoughtful when you can create your own.

What you'll need:

  • A couple of stamps and ink pads (you can buy them at any craft store)

  • Plain cards and envelopes, or even postcards

  • Markers, glitter pens, and stickers to embellish your art work

Why it's great:

  • Stamps are easy to use.

  • Each card is unique. No two will come out the same. Mix colors, use glitter or different inks, and explore your creativity.

  • Being creative is deeply satisfying. You gain a sense of pride in what you create.

  • It's economical. Use what you have: card stock, construction paper, origami sheets, scrapbook or water color paper -- the more unusual the better.

  • Stamping can be enjoyed with your children or grandchildren or even a friend -- and a set of handmade cards makes a terrific small gift.

How to do it:

  • It's as simple as pressing a premade stamp onto an ink pad. You can get fancy and color the stamp with pens, or even overlay several stamps.

  • Embellish freehand. Can you draw a flower, stars, a trellis, or leaves? Try your designs on a scrap sheet of paper until you come up with a style you like.

  • Perfection isn't the goal. Your family and friends will appreciate the card because you took the time and effort to make and send it. That's the gift.

  • Don't stop there! Get out the stickers, the confetti, rhinestones, and scrapbooking supplies. Cards are supposed to be joyful, so be sure yours is guaranteed to make someone smile.