Activity of the Week

Airfield Picnic

Last updated: May 28, 2012


Need some Dad-time? Why not plan an airfield picnic? Pack some goodies and head out to your local/smaller airfield to watch the planes take off and land. It's a super way to get out of the house and enjoy the weather, without spending a dime.

What you'll need:

Check the location of your closest airport. Go online or ask around if you're not sure. Pack a blanket, some lawn chairs, binoculars, and whatever snacks sound good. You might enjoy a thermos of hot chocolate, some pretzels, and a sandwich. Or make it fancy and pack a bottle of wine, some grapes, and cheese.

Why it's great:

  • There's something wonderful about just sitting together and enjoying the view.

  • Even if money is tight, you can pack whatever you have and spend an hour or two watching the planes take off and land.

  • Many older adults spend most of their time indoors and don't always get the vitamin D they need. Heading to your local airport is a good way to get out of the house. Find some shade, or take your beach umbrella.

  • Is walking an issue? Sit by the car, or just stay inside and open the windows and/or doors if it's too chilly or humid to be outside.

  • Most everyone has stories about the first time they flew in a plane. Taking the time to just sit together allows the tales to emerge naturally. Ask about the war, about a favorite vacation, or whether he or she ever thought of taking flying lessons.

  • Some small airports have a restaurant with windows to enjoy the view.

How to do it:

  • Choose your airport. Smaller is often better.

  • Pack your supplies: lap blankets, binoculars, an umbrella, a thermos, snacks, and even the newspaper for a few hours of easy enjoyment.

  • Choose the perfect music for your loved one -- there's nothing like being surprised by your favorite music. Do a bit of sleuthing and include some jazz, '40s tunes, Beatles . . . whatever your loved one enjoys. Throw in some of your own favorites as well!

  • Don't forget your camera, and maybe even a video recorder, so you'll always remember this special day.