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The Surprising Reason Aging Eyes Need Bright Sunlight

Nearly everyone knows that aging eyes need brighter light to read or even see. Now it turns out read more ->

Dementia Care Costs

From the Department of Tell Me Something I Didn't Already Know: Caring for a loved one with Alz read more ->

Abigail Van Buren and Alzheimer's

By the time Abigail Van Buren -- a.k.a. "Dear Abby" -- died with Alzheimer's disease last week read more ->

Importance of Family Caregivers

The words "caregiver" and "unsung hero" go together in countless ways -- not least, their role read more ->

Music Therapy

Include music in your holiday plans with ailing older relatives and you'll all feel a bit bette read more ->

Caring Currents


The Junk Wars: 8 Ways to Get Rid of Aging Parents' "Stuff"

"Christmas lights. Do not work." Three boxes, so labeled and tucked in the basement ceiling joi read more ->

Know Thy Father: A Guide to Dad's Day

Recently, I suggested buying your dad a home blood pressure monitor for a read more ->

Don't Wait for a Doctor's Visit to Test for High Blood Pressure

If your parents have high blood pressure, add a home monitor to their shopping list.  So su read more ->

8 Spring Pick-Me-Ups for Tired Caregivers

Those cold, wet, gray days in early spring -- like today for me -- seem like a good analogy f read more ->

10 Feel-Good Dementia Caregiver New Year Resolutions

New Year's resolutions about how you ought to start another diet and ought to be nicer belong b read more ->

Older Patients, Wiser Care

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12 Advantages of Old Age

People are often surprised to hear that I've chosen to specialize in medical care for the elder read more ->

Better Ways to Make Your Wishes Known

Dear Dr. K: "In my written instructions for family and caregivers I've stated: "If I'm living, read more ->

Why Your Older Loved One May Want to Skip That Cancer Screening

Dear Dr. K, My 82-year-old mom's doctor ordered a mammogram and pap recently even though sh read more ->

How to Avoid the Perils of a Too-Soon Hospital Discharge

Dear Dr. K, After my dad's heart attack, I was surprised when the hospital wanted to discha read more ->

There's More Than One Way to Cure Constipation

Dear Dr. K., What's the best way to treat constipation in an older person? My father has chron read more ->

Surviving Caregiving


The D Factor: How Respect for Dignity Can Make Care Better

Dignity is one of those things we don't think much about until it’s gone. In the hospital, for read more ->

Who's Most Likely to Feel Caregiver Stress?

Every caregiver I've ever talked to reports some degree of stress. And why not? The compound ch read more ->

You Deserve Year-Round Recognition

So the Season has ended -- by which I mean caregivers' moment in the national spotlight. Novemb read more ->

Can You Be Too Careful?

It's a natural impulse to want to protect those who are frail or have dementia. We want to keep read more ->

5 Ways to Recover When You Lose Your Cool

We all snap at the ones we love sometimes. It happens for a million different reasons -- or for read more ->

Smile of the Week


Buttery, Flaky Bloopers

Sometimes you just need to sit down and have a good laugh. Not only does it help us smile and r read more ->

Hospice Patient Battles Cancer, Helps the Homeless

Morrie Boogart, 91, is fighting skin cancer and a mass on his kidney while in hospice care. Des read more ->

Road Trip! 90-Year Old Woman choses RV Adventure over Cancer Treatment

After Norma Bauerschmidt, 90, was diagnosed with uterine cancer, she had a choice: move into as read more ->

Rapping Granny

Norma Clarke, 78, was being transported to a hospital after suffering a nosebleed. During the r read more ->

A Dream Come True

You never know when your dreams will come true. For Virignia McLaurin, it happened at the age o read more ->

Reviews of the Week


Senior Care Praise for: Oakleaf Village (Assisted Living) & Heaven Sent Home Care

Thank you to everyone who submitted reviews for senior care providers in the Directo read more ->

Senior Care Praise: Amber Lights (assisted living) & Visiting Angels (home care)

Thank you to everyone who submitted reviews for senior care providers in the Directo read more ->

Senior Care Praise: Tiger Place Assisted Living & Blessed Hands Home Care

Thanks to everyone who shared praise for senior care providers in the Directory last read more ->

Senior Care Praise for: Summer Springs Board & Care and Artisan Homecare

Many thanks to the hundreds of family caregivers across the country who shared praise for senio read more ->

Senior Care Praise for: Golden Moments Care Home & Right at Home Reno

Many thanks to the hundreds of family caregivers across the country who shared praise for senio read more ->

Activity of the Week


Make a Model

When you were a kid you probably made at least one model car or plane, but the selection of mod read more ->

Lampshade Art

Lampshades are a home staple, but they're also a canvas just waiting for your creativity. This read more ->

Whittling and Wood Carving

Whittling is something you may remember your grandfather enjoyed. He might have made you a smal read more ->

Visiting Small Museums

When's the last time you did something for the first time? For many caregivers and those they c read more ->

Ice Cream Social

I scream, you scream, what's better to eat than ice cream? Don't go out to buy a ten-dollar ban read more ->

Tip of the Week


Parkinson's Nighttime Safety

"My mom has Parkinson's and lives with me, but I still worry about her getting up in the middle read more ->

A Thoughtful Remembrance Gift

"We've lost several extended family members in the last few years and in lieu of flowers I've s read more ->

Keeping Up With Dad

"Dad tends to wander off into parts of the house or yard without telling me, so I bought a cara read more ->

Unexpected Phone Calls

"When my husband gets irritable I realize that we've just been spending too much time together, read more ->

Lullabies for Mom

"Mom needs to go to bed earlier than I do, but she doesn't want to stay back in her room alone. read more ->

Take a Break


Stretch for More Energy

Why does it feel so good to stretch? Because it's a form of movement that both energizes and re read more ->

Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: How Accurate Are Movies on Aging?

Silver-haired stars on the silver screen are still a rarity, compared to the size of the 65-plu read more ->

How to Write Away Your Blues

For many stressed caregivers, keeping a daily diary or journal is a terrific way to offload str read more ->

Three Questions to Help De-Stress Your Holiday Season

Quick: When you think about the holidays, what are you picturing? Particular foods or meals to read more ->

Surround Yourself With the Smell of Relaxation

No time to relax? Fool yourself into thinking you do by adding relaxation-inducing scents to yo read more ->

Milestones & Memories


What Does Courage Mean to You?

In honor of our nation's birth, here's a message you might like to e-mail to a friend or share read more ->

Celebrating July 4th With a Loved One Who Has Dementia

Making this Independence Day a family event with someone who has Alzheimer's or another form of read more ->

Who's Your Hero?

In honor of our nation's birth, here's a message you might like to e-mail to a friend or share read more ->

Dear Family Advisor


Dad Has Dementia and I Find Myself Lying to Him More and More. The Guilt is Killing Me!

Dad really, really wants to go back to his home (which is now up for sale), but it's not safe f read more ->

My mom wants me to drive her on her dates!

Mom is starting to "take up" with a gentleman at the adult day center. She wants me to drive th read more ->

I Can't Seem to Get Over the Grief and Shock of Finding Out My Husband Has Alzheimer's.

My husband (not quite 60) has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's. We've spent four mon read more ->

Transitioning Mom's Care: How to Make a Smooth Shift Emotionally and Physically

I'm afraid I won't be able to continue being my mother's full-time caregiver. She's in her mid- read more ->

My Cousin Refuses to Believe That His Mother is Facing Worse Problems Than Just "Old Age."

I live with my aunt, who's 82. After she totaled her car, she needed me to drive her wherever s read more ->

The Cheerful Caregiver


Daily Routines: Write Them Down!

I think routines represent a crucial element for family caregiver success. Routines ground us. read more ->

Caregiver, have confidence!

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence i read more ->

Ho! Ho! Whoa!

"Recharging is absolutely crucial for introverts." -- Carl King Recently, a Facebook friend po read more ->

It's about presence, not presents

"When I look back, I recall countless hours spent perusing catalogs and stores trying to find t read more ->

Embrace Imperfectionism

My mom moved to New Mexico one year ago last month. Since then, I have cleaned her home exactly read more ->

Self Caring

Oscar statuette

Go Ahead. Honor Yourself.

Have you been feeling different this month? More noticed, maybe? More appreciated? More applaud read more ->

When Friends Just Don't Get It

Do your friends "get" what you're doing? Not really? Not so much? Not surprising. The hard tru read more ->

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

On Mother's Day this year, you might skip giving her breakfast in bed or treating her to brunch read more ->

How Closely Do You Track Your OWN Symptoms?

It's a paradox of caregiving that we can know our loved ones more intimately than we know ourse read more ->

The Question Every Caregiver Deserves but Seldom Hears

Quick: When's the last time somebody asked you, "How are you doing?" Emphasis on the "you." N read more ->

Tech-Savvy Daughter

Medicine Series

No More Missed Pills

Whether or not a loved one has taken the appropriate medications at the appropriate times is a read more ->

Tech Tools for Long-Distance Caregiving - Part II

A common concern of long-distance caregivers is that their loved one will forget something impo read more ->

Tech Tools for Long-Distance Caregiving - Part I

Technology is defined as the usage of tools, techniques, or methods of organization to solve a read more ->

An E-tool to Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

With the holidays behind us and January 1st right around the corner, it's almost New Year's Res read more ->

Tech-Savvy Gift Ideas

Are you looking for a tech-savvy gift for a loved one? Or maybe you're looking for something to read more ->

Dad Has Dementia


Week 36: What Now? What Next?

Five weeks after Dad died, Mom moved to New Mexico to be near me. Through serendipity and the k read more ->

Week 35: Nothin's Gonna Change My World

I'm normally off on Mondays, and so, every weekend after Dad died, I drove north to Mom's house read more ->

Week 34: Is This Normal?

About a week after the funeral, I lit a Caring Candle here at the website in tribute read more ->

Week 33: What Does Grief Look Like?

My car rolls down I-25, southbound, the freeway bending behind me like a long black ribbon in t read more ->

Week 32: Goodbye and Farewell

My brother arrived the day after Dad died. We went down to the mortuary together to view the bo read more ->