Caring Currents

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The Junk Wars: 8 Ways to Get Rid of Aging Parents' "Stuff"

"Christmas lights. Do not work." Three boxes, so labeled and tucked in the basement ceiling joi read more ->

8 Spring Pick-Me-Ups for Tired Caregivers

Those cold, wet, gray days in early spring -- like today for me -- seem like a good analogy f read more ->

10 Feel-Good Dementia Caregiver New Year Resolutions

New Year's resolutions about how you ought to start another diet and ought to be nicer belong b read more ->

World Alzheimer's Day and Why People With Alzheimer's Need It

On World Alzheimer's Day, Tuesday, September 21, most people with Alzheimer's disease won't be read more ->

Prescription Medications Cost Too Much? Here's What to Do

One of the most popular discussion topics among family caregivers is the insanely high cost of read more ->

FYI Daily

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The Surprising Reason Aging Eyes Need Bright Sunlight

Nearly everyone knows that aging eyes need brighter light to read or even see. Now it turns out read more ->

Dementia Care Costs

From the Department of Tell Me Something I Didn't Already Know: Caring for a loved one with Alz read more ->

Exercise and Longevity

If exercising to reduce stress or ward off diseases feels a little abstract to you, how about t read more ->

Bed Rail Safety

Worried about a loved one falling out of bed? Don't rely on bed rails to keep him or her safe, read more ->

Aging Well and Boomers

Will you age better than an older loved one you care for -- or worse? Baby Boomers (born 1946 read more ->

Self Caring

My heart in your hands
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Do You Have a "Natural Caregiver" Personality?

How much is your caregiving stress level affected by the personality you were born with? We all read more ->

10 Ways to Thank a Caregiver

As if a national day of giving thanks weren't reason enough to express gratitude to those who c read more ->

Let's Talk

It was a classic case of miscommunication. My sister-in-law -- a.k.a. the mother of all caregiv read more ->

Critical Comments

How often have you heard the advice, "Just let it roll off your back"? Pretty often, if you've read more ->

A Surprising Source of Caregiving Tension

Quick: How well do you understand your loved one? "Pretty darn well" is a logical answer, give read more ->

Tech-Savvy Daughter

Medicine Series
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No More Missed Pills

Whether or not a loved one has taken the appropriate medications at the appropriate times is a read more ->

Tech Tools for Long-Distance Caregiving - Part II

A common concern of long-distance caregivers is that their loved one will forget something impo read more ->

Tech Tools for Long-Distance Caregiving - Part I

Technology is defined as the usage of tools, techniques, or methods of organization to solve a read more ->

An E-tool to Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

With the holidays behind us and January 1st right around the corner, it's almost New Year's Res read more ->

Tech-Savvy Gift Ideas

Are you looking for a tech-savvy gift for a loved one? Or maybe you're looking for something to read more ->

Dear Family Advisor

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Transitioning Mom's Care: How to Make a Smooth Shift Emotionally and Physically

I'm afraid I won't be able to continue being my mother's full-time caregiver. She's in her mid read more ->

Mom is Jealous of Dad's Care Aide!

I feel so bad for my mom. After several years of heavy and stressful caregiving, we found Anne read more ->

Caring for my mother-in-law has taken over our lives and home!

Six months ago we brought my husband's mother into our home. She's a widow, has a heart condit read more ->

My Mother Has Become Paranoid, and It's Really Causing Problems!

My mother constantly thinks that someone is either trying to break in or steal from her. Dad d read more ->

My mom just died, and I don't know how to be "normal" anymore.

I'm 16. My mother became seriously ill two years ago, and I've been her caregiver. She recently read more ->

Older Patients, Wiser Care

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12 Advantages of Old Age

People are often surprised to hear that I've chosen to specialize in medical care for the elder read more ->

Better Ways to Make Your Wishes Known

Dear Dr. K: "In my written instructions for family and caregivers I've stated: "If I'm living, read more ->

Why Your Older Loved One May Want to Skip That Cancer Screening

Dear Dr. K, My 82-year-old mom's doctor ordered a mammogram and pap recently even though sh read more ->

How to Avoid the Perils of a Too-Soon Hospital Discharge

Dear Dr. K, After my dad's heart attack, I was surprised when the hospital wanted to discha read more ->

There's More Than One Way to Cure Constipation

Dear Dr. K., What's the best way to treat constipation in an older person? My father has chron read more ->

Surviving Caregiving

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The D Factor: How Respect for Dignity Can Make Care Better

Dignity is one of those things we don't think much about until it’s gone. In the hospital, for read more ->

Activity of the Week

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Gratitude Tree

It's easy to complain. Remembering to be grateful needs a nudge. Studies have shown that being read more ->

Organize a Care Items Swap

Do you have a walker you're no longer using? Or a bed rail or cane? If your older loved one att read more ->

Easy-Knot Fleece Lap Blanket

Want a simple project you can make together? Try an easy-knot lap blanket. If you can tie a kno read more ->

Milestones & Memories

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Celebrating July 4th With a Loved One Who Has Dementia

Making this Independence Day a family event with someone who has Alzheimer's or another form of read more ->

The Cheerful Caregiver

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Caregiver, have confidence!

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence i read more ->

It's about presence, not presents

"When I look back, I recall countless hours spent perusing catalogs and stores trying to find t read more ->

Take a Break

teapot and writing
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Oprah's Secret to Happiness

Oprah popularized the idea of keeping a gratitude diary, or journal, when she confided to her v read more ->

Smile of the Week

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Funeral Blues

Just before the funeral services, the undertaker came up to the very elderly widow and asked, " read more ->

Dad Has Dementia

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Week 27: Suddenly, Dad Is Dying

It's going to be difficult to summarize this in 500 words or less, so bear with me. When I ret read more ->

Week 20: Power Struggles

As I look back over these past 20 weeks of blogging, one thing becomes clear: I'm having a lot read more ->

Week 18: First, We Make a Hole in the Dirt

Today, Dad and I are planting flowers in containers. I've purchased more ceramic pots and annua read more ->

Week 3: The Hard Costs of Caregiving

When I think about caring for my dad in my home, I tend to group the associated costs into thre read more ->

Week 1: Dad Moves In

It started with a frantic phone call from my mother. "Your dad just threatened to kill me." I read more ->