COVID-19 Update: Since the medical alert industry is considered to be “essential” during the COVID crisis, monitoring and customer service centers are still open and ready to help. To learn more about how a medical alert device can help keep you or your elderly loved one safe and connected during this pandemic, take a look at our list of essential products for seniors during COVID-19.

A single fall can cause lasting complications, especially for seniors who do not receive prompt medical attention for their injuries. Stroke victims need immediate care to reduce the risk of permanent disabilities, while seniors injured from tripping or slipping may benefit from timely treatment for a hip fracture or head injury. Unfortunately, injured seniors cannot always call for help, which is why many elderly adults use devices from Medical Alert.

Medical Alert carries medical alert systems, including mobile devices and in-home units, for seniors. These devices monitor the movements of elderly adults so that emergency professionals can locate subscribers quickly during emergency situations. Some devices trigger emergency responses automatically via automatic fall detection, while others are activated when a senior presses the help button.

Pricing varies depending on which device and subscription option you choose, so we’ve compiled current information about Medical Alert products to help you find the right product. Review the information below for help finding a medical alert system that won’t break your budget.

Medical Alert Costs

Medical Alert is a member of the Medical Alert Monitoring Association, commonly referred to as MAMA. The company provides dependable devices for seniors on a budget, and monthly subscription plans typically range from $20 to $40 before factoring in other expenses.

Monthly Subscription Rates

When you subscribe to a Medical Alert plan, you can pay monthly, semiannually or annually. Discounts are available for the annual and semiannual plans.

Elderly adults who choose the annual plan receive one month of service free and a free PIN-protected lock box. Semiannual plans are billed once every 6 months, and subscribers pay slightly less than they do for monthly subscription plans. Annual and semiannual customers receive free shipping for their devices, but monthly subscribers must pay shipping costs.

Monitoring services are provided by multilingual, UL-certified operators in the United States. Assistance is provided around the clock, even on holidays, so seniors always have access to emergency care when they need it most. Operators stay on the phone until assistance arrives, so seniors feel safe.

At Home Landline

  • Monthly subscribers pay $22.95 per month
  • Semiannual subscribers pay $19.95 per month
  • Annual subscribers pay $18.29 per month

At Home Wireless

  • Monthly subscribers pay $32.95 per month
  • Semiannual subscribers pay $29.95 per month
  • Annual subscribers pay $27.45 per month

Mobile Elite On the Go

  • Monthly subscribers pay $37.95 per month
  • Semiannual subscribers pay $34.95 per month
  • Annual subscribers pay $32.04 per month

Additional Fees for Subscribers

As we mentioned earlier, seniors on a month-to-month plan must pay shipping costs for new devices. Shipping is free for annual and semiannual subscribers. There are also fees for automatic fall detection and additional units. Medical Alert does not charge activation fees, and new subscribers can cancel during the first 30 days for a full refund.

Medical Alert Products

Medical Alert offers in-home units and on-the-go devices for elderly adults. There are three devices available: the At Home Landline, the At Home Wireless and the On The Go system. Medical Alert also offers a caregiver app called 365Access Caregiver App. The app logs activity so that caretakers remain informed about their loved one’s habits.

At Home Landline

As the name implies, the At Home Landline powers its system using a landline connection, so it’s not ideal for active seniors who need coverage beyond their home. The At Home Landline kit features a base unit with a two-way communication system that works with a pendant medical alert system. The pendant is waterproof and can be worn around the neck or as a bracelet. Automatic fall detection is available.

At Home Wireless

The Medical Alert At Home Wireless system includes a base unit and single-button pendant. It uses a wireless connection via the AT&T cellular network, so seniors do not need a landline. The pendant is waterproof. Automatic fall detection is available.

On The Go

The Medical Alert Mobile unit includes a portable device for seniors who need protection beyond their home or yard. The rechargeable device comes with a charging cradle and a carrying pouch. Automatic fall detection is available.

Medical Alert devices are popular with seniors who want simple, affordable products that keep them safe. Protect yourself or a loved one with a Medical Alert device that offers around-the-clock monitoring.