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VA Medical Benefits Questions

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  1. I'm a vet receiving disability, if I die will my wife get the payments?

    The benefit that may apply to your wife after you pass away is called Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC). For her to be eligible, your death must be a result of: 1. A disease or injury incurred or aggravated in the line of duty or while on active duty or 2. An injury, heart attack, cardiac ...
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  2. Will my wife get my va when I am dead?

    The benefit that applies to your wife after you pass away is called Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC). Since you are 100% disabled. there are two sets of conditions that will determine her eligibility. The first is that your death is a result of: 1. A disease or injury incurred or aggrava...
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  3. Are disabled vets under 65 eligible for Medicare?

    You can become eligible for full Medicare coverage based on a disability, but your VA disability rating does not automatically qualify you. Instead, you need to qualify for Social Security disability benefits. Once you have been receiving Social Security disability benefits for 24 months, you then...
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  4. Can I keep CHAMPVA if I choose not to take Medicare?

    CHAMPVA rules require that (if you turn 65 on or after June 5, 2001) you must enroll in both Medicare Parts A and B when you become eligible at age 65. If you do not, you lose your CHAMPVA benefits. However, you do not have to enroll in Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage in order to remain...
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  5. What burial benefits do disabled veterans have?

    There are several kinds of VA funeral and burial-related cash assistance available to you and your family. The specific help depends on your benefits status at the time of your death and whether the cause of your death is related to a service-related disability. You may also receive burial at a nati...
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  6. Is there a health insurance supplement that covers VA and/or Medicare co-pays?

    When you sign up for Medicare, you'll become eligible to buy Medicare supplemental insurance, known as a Medigap policy. A Medigap policy pays some portions of your medical bills that Medicare doesn't pay (such as deductibles and copayments). A Medigap policy must fit into a particular plan catego...
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  7. If I married a veteran in 2010, am I eligible for VA health benefits?

    There are special circumstances for the spouse of a Veteran to be eligible for health care benefits from the VA. One program, CHAMPVA, covers spouses of Veterans who were totally and permanently disabled while in service. Tricare for Life covers military retirees and their families when they turn 65...
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  8. Is there a time limit to apply fo widow's benefits

    my husband died 22 years ago and he was geting q pension from the service was I entiitle to get that
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  9. Will VA medical care still cover me if I get sick in another country?

    According to the [VA web site] (http://www1.va.gov/health/), urgent and limited emergency care services are available to enrolled veterans at VA health care facilities or non-VA health care facilities at which VA has a sharing agreement or contract. Veterans with special eligibility may obtain emerg...
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  10. Can I go to any hospital in an emergency with veteran's medical benefits?

    According to the VA web site, urgent and limited emergency care services are available to enrolled veterans at VA health care facilities or non-VA health care facilities at which VA has a sharing agreement or contract. Veterans with special eligibility may obtain emergency care, at VA expense, in a ...
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  11. Will the VA cover hearing aids?

    If a veteran is enrolled in the [VA Health System] (http://www1.va.gov/health/) and is service connected at 10 percent for any disability, he/she may be eligible for VA coverage of hearing aids and glasses from their local V.A.
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  12. How long should an application for Veteran's Assistance take to process?

    I know this must be very frustrating for your family. On the positive side, you are in the system, as once an applicant becomes a claimant the VA has a "duty to assist" and must communicate with the claimant every thirty days.
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  13. If my mother remarried a man who wasn't a veteran, does she lose her veteran benefits?

    DIC stands for Dependency and Indemnity Compensation. It only applies if the veteran died as a result of illness or injury connected to his service.
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  14. My father just passed, am I entitled to receive any of his benefits?

    Your father may have been receiving military retirement pay or other service-connected or non-service connected disability benefits. When a Veteran passes away, his surviving spouse and dependent children may be eligible to receive some of his benefits. Dependent children must be 18 years old or you...
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  15. Why would my deceased mother get a check from the VA after my father's death?

    Was your sister a dependent of your father? If yes, was she disabled prior to age 18? If so, she may be entitled to a benefit. Check with the VSO to find out if she can receive your father's benefit.
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  16. Will my inheritance affect my husband's VA medical benefits?

    Your inheritance does count as an asset that affects your husband's VA medical benefits. There is a limit of $80,000 on assets. If your inheritance brings your joint assets over that threshhold, he could lose his entitlement to VA medical beenfits. For VA purposes, married veterans must count their...
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  17. Are there veteran's benefits for individuals who are not receiving disability?

    Yes, there are benefits for veterans who are not on disability. One of these benefits is the Non Service-Connected Pension. This benefit is for veterans or their surviving spouses who are over age 65. The veteran must have served at least 90 days on active duty and one day during wartime.Eligibility...
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  18. Should I Join a Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan if I Have Other Drug Coverage?

    Usually not, for two reasons: First, if your other drug plan covers all the prescription drugs you regularly take, enrolling in a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan would be a waste of money -- one plan or the other can pay for a single prescription, but not both. The second reason is that if yo...
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  19. Do disabled veterans need Medicare?

    A veteran who is eligible for both VA medical benefits and Medicare may enroll in both programs and receive benefits from both. For any specific medical treatment or service, however, a veteran enrolled in both programs has to choose one or the other. Whether you need Medicare Part B as well as vete...
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  20. My wife divorced a veteran in 1966. Is she still eligible for benefits?

    Your wife would not be eligible to apply for VA benefits under her ex-husband. A divorce and subsequent remarriage terminates the eligibility of a non-veteran spouse for veterans' benefits because this person no longer meets the definition of spouse.
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