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Stroke Prognosis and Recovery Questions

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  1. My son had a stroke- how do I get him to take his medicine?

    It depends on his functional status. If he is not taking his medicines for physical reasons, such as an inability to swallow, then this needs to be looked at by a medical professional right away. He might need his medicines prepared in an easy-to-swallow form, or may even need a feeding tube. Or, if...
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  2. Is swelling normal after a stroke?

    Yes.  This is something that I frequently see after a stroke.  I think it is important, particularly in the case of your leg, to make sure there is no clot in the veins of the leg.  An ultrasound should easily verify that the veins are open.  Ask your doctor to evaluate your leg and order an ultraso...
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  3. Can supplements aid in stroke recovery?

    Unfortunately, there is no "magic bullet" for stroke recovery. The best, and most widely used, method for recovering from a stroke is aggressive physical and occupational therapy. If possible, try to go for three hours a day of therapy. If your insurance company does not pay for that much, ask yo...
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  4. Is stem cell injection a possibility for hemorrhagic stroke recovery?

    To my knowledge, no one in the US is currently doing stem cell injection for hemorrhagic stroke (or any stroke) recovery at this time. I heard some rumblings of a study out of Stanford University, Dr. Gary Steinberg, being started, but I do not know the status of that at this time. Any work would ...
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  5. Can a chiropractor help with post-stroke symptoms?

    I have not had success with chiropractors for post-stroke recovery. I have had some success sending my patients to an accupuncturist, however.
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  6. Will numbness every go away and am I likely to have another stroke?

    You have probably gotten unclear answers because there is no clear answer. In my experience, most people assume we have great data to give an exact answer to a question like this. Unfortunately, no such data exists. I often compare a Stroke Neurologists ability to predict the future with that of ...
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  7. Can you have residual head pain or numbness after a stroke?

    This is certainly possible. Venous strokes are much less common than arterial strokes, and have their own set of symptoms. Headache is very common, and it does not surprise me that you have local numbness in the area of the stroke.
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  8. Is swelling in one limb normal after a stroke?

    I see this quite frequently after a stroke. The first thing to do is make sure that he does not have a clot in one of the veins of the leg. A clot in the veins can occur in a stroke victim because they are not moving the leg as much as a healthy person, and thereby the blood is not flowing properl...
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  9. What can be done for mouth sensitivity after a stroke?

    Often times, after a stroke, people will get "phantom" sensations in their face or body. The medical terms often used to describe these sensations are "allodynia" and "dysesthesia". They are due to an interruption of the normal sensory pathways to the brain. These sensations can sometimes improve...
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  10. Are delusions common after a brain bleed?

    As a general "rule of thumb", stroke symptoms continue to improve, slowly, until about 6 months after the stroke. Therefore, there are still several months left for him to get better.
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  11. Should we see a specialist after Mom's TIA?

    In general, the evaluation of a TIA should include an examination of the arteries and the heart, as well as other risk factors. She should have imaging of the arteries (I personally prefer MR angiogram or CT angiogram over carotid ultrasound, as it gives a more thorough picture of all the arteries)...
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  12. My husband had a stroke 2 months ago; he only has a few words...

    It appears that you are describing a condition called post-stroke aphasia. In general, this means that a person has language problems caused by damage to the brain. Aphasia may cause trouble speaking, understanding, writing, or reading. There are different types of aphasia as well but let’s stick to...
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  13. Are new fears after a stroke common?

    Having new fears after a stroke is certainly possible.  The brain is made up of many small areas that each control a specific function.  For example, one area controls moving your left thumb, another area controls temperature regulation, and another area controls sensation in your right foot.  There...
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  14. Can post-stroke leg pain be treated?

    It is not uncommon to have severe tightness, otherwise known as spasticity, in an affected limb after a stroke. This occurs because of lack of control of the spinal reflexes to the limb.
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  15. If a stomach peg, NG tube and central line are all not options, how can we get Mom the nutrition she needs?

    Sorry to hear about this predicament. I have a few thoughts:
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  16. Are there back exercises that will help Dad recover from his stroke?

    I think it is extremely important that you get your dad to the intensive rehabilitation center in the city. If his doctors think he is medically stable, then it is in his best interest to get professional help with the rehabiliation as quickly as possible. In my experience, there is no substitute ...
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  17. Should a person who has had a major hemorrhage stroke take aspirin?

    I'm not sure if this question is from the same person who asked a very similar question recently. I assume it probably is. However, in case it is not, the general rule is that someone who had a hemorrhagic stroke would not typically be treated with aspirin unless they also have a history of heart ...
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  18. Can stroke symptoms get worse several months after the stroke?

    In general, stroke symptoms are worst at onset and then slowly improve. A few exceptions to this are pain syndromes and "phantom limb" syndromes, which often start weeks or months after the stroke. Therefore, headaches could occur several months after the stroke. I have seen this on a handful of ...
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  19. Is there treatment for post-stroke spasicity?

    Post-stroke spasms are generally treated with some combination of physical therapy, injections, or oral medications. Probably the easiest and most benign of these options is physical therapy. I would include under this "umbrella" such things as massage therapy and accupuncture. I have had good su...
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  20. Is there any treatment to help my mom regulate her temperature, post-stroke?

    I am assuming that when you use the term "Stroke" in your question, you are referring to some residual symptoms from the Guillain Barre Syndrome. Typically, a stroke would be unlikely to cause the whole body to be paralyzed, as would Guillain Barre Syndrome, and would be unlikely to be a complicati...
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