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Social Security Benefits Questions

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  1. Can a widow replace her benefit with the higher benefit of her husband?

    Many people are entitled to both Social Security retirement or disability benefits based on their own work record and dependents or survivors benefits based on a spouse's work record. A person in that situation is not allowed to collect both benefits, but may receive whichever one is higher. And i...
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  2. Can my nonbiological dad leave his ss to his grandson?(my son)?

    The first part of your question has to do with the biological relationship between you and your father, and how that could affect Social Security benefits. Your or your son's right to Social Security benefits under your non-biological father's work record -- if you or your son were eligible for the...
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  3. I am on SS. Can I get SSDI for COPD instead?

    Being turned down for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits does not mean you cannot apply again. The fact that you did not appeal the denial of your original application for benefits would not affect your new application. You can apply again if your condition has worsened since your ...
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  4. If dad enters nursing home as private pay, will he continue to receive SS check?

    Your father will continue to get his full Social Security benefits for the rest of his life, regardless of where he lives. Social Security benefits are based on the Social Security taxes a person has paid throughout his or her working life, and are paid (when the person reaches retirement age) rega...
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  5. How much can I earn a year and not have my Social Security taxed?

    As much as 85% of your Social Security benefits may be subject to federal income tax depending on the amount of what is called your "provisional income." Your provisional income is made up of your Adjusted Gross Income plus one-half of your Social Security benefits. Adjusted Gross Income includes ...
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  6. Can I continue to receive Social Security Disability income while living in Israel with dual citizenship?

    If you are a U.S. citizen, you can receive Social Security benefits of any kind even though you live outside the U.S. In Israel, you can even have your Social Security benefits check direct deposited in your bank account there. You can arrange this with a local Social Security office in the U.S., ...
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  7. Do we have to repay Social Security if they've made a mistake?

    An elder law lawyer can assist you in determining whether or not your mother has been overpaid. You can go to the website of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys to find an experienced elder law lawyer in your area. Your lawyer will explain to you the procedure for appealing the determinati...
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  8. When will I be eligible to collect my late husband's social security benefits?

    You can collect Social Security survivors benefits as early as when you turn age 60. However, the amount you receive varies greatly depending on whether you begin collecting benefits at the earliest possible moment -- age 60 -- or you wait until later to begin collecting it. The amount you receive ...
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  9. Do I have to wait until I'm 62 to collect Social Security Benefits from my first husband?

    You are correct. You cannot begin receiving social security benefits based on your first husband until you are 62. The exception to this is if he passes away and you are a surviving divorced spouse. In this case, since you are over 50 and disabled, you would be entitled to social security benefits u...
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  10. With no assets and cash, how can I pay for my own final expenses?

    Facing one's own passing is a difficult enough ordeal without having the additional burden of not knowing how to pay for final funeral expenses.
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  11. Is there any situation that allows you to obtain a income while on disability without losing your benefit that is accepted by the SSA?

    Yes, there are a couple of different ways to have some income and still qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. First, SSDI considers you disabled only if you aren't able to perform what they call "substantial gainful activity." But that doesn't mean you can't earn anyt...
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  12. I am pregnant and thinking of having my grandmother babysit...

    As for Medicare, there is no affect at all. Medicare is available to everyone age 65 or older regardless of their income or assets, so nothing you pay her would create any problem.
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  13. Can I get a disability payment from Social Security and my employer?

    As far as the Social Security system is concerned, you can collect Social Security disability benefits and disability benefits from your employer's disability insurance coverage at the same time. There is no set-off or reduction in Social Security disability benefits if you also collect benefits un...
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  14. Does the nursing home take Mom's Social Security, directly, in Alabama?

    It seems like you're actually asking about Medicaid coverage of long-term nursing home care, not Medicare nursing home coverage, which only covers short-term stays in a skilled nursing facility while a patient is recovering following a hospitalization. The Medicaid rules regarding income, including...
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  15. I was laid off at 51 years-old, can I collect social security at 65 years-old?

    Absolutely you will be able to collect Social Security retirement benefits when you reach retirement age. In order to qualify for Social Security retirement benefits, you only need to have earned 40 "work credits." You earn one work credit for each few hundred dollars of earnings, up to 4 credits ...
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  16. Social security says that I owe them money for a mistake they made, what can I do?

    Not surprisingly, the government rules for receiving both a civil service disability/retirement pension and Social Security benefits are complicated. There are two rules that can apply to your situation. One is the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) that applies if you are receiving a pension base...
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  17. Can I receive benefits from my husband's social security if I'm already receiving my own?

    If you are eligible for more than one type of Social Security benefit -- such as retirement benefits based on your own work record, and also dependents or survivors benefits based on your husband's work record -- you are permitted to collect whichever one is higher, but not both at the same time. Yo...
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  18. Should Dad be receiving part of Mom's social security?

    When a spouse passes away, the surviving spouse can choose to keep his own Social Security benefit or take his spouse's Social Security benefit if it is greater than his. The only time someone gets one half of the spouse's benefit is if two living spouses are receiving Social Security. In this case,...
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  19. Is it possible to transfer my great grandmother's social security benefits to my grandmother?

    I do not know if your great grandmother's social security can be transferred to your grandmother after your grandmother's death. I would guess that a phone call to Social Security would provide you with the answer.
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  20. How will the nursing home get paid if Social Security goes bankrupt?

    There is a lot of hype in the media about the solvency of Social Security. Out of the three entitlement programs for seniors, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, Social Security is the most solvent. Without making any changes to the Social Security payout formula, Social Security is solvent unti...
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