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  1. Should I Be Screened for Skin Cancer?

    The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force doesn't currently recommend screening the general public for skin cancer. However, many experts recommend regular screening for skin cancer for those at "high risk," which usually includes the following people:
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  2. What can we expect in the final stages of renal cancer?

    You've been so strong for your family, while several things are going on. Let's address each one.
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  3. What are the symptoms of skin cancer on the scalp?

    Skin cancer symptoms on the scalp can vary. I agree with everything Birder says above about the description of the lesions (BCC pink smooth, "pearly", translucent, but sometimes flat and white, scar-like and sometimes crusted or soft and bleeding. SCC red, scaly or rough, sometimes raised, sometimes...
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  4. What is a breast fibroid and is it dangerous?

    A fibroid is a benign growth in the breast that is solid, firm, smooth and usually painless or only slightly tender.
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  5. Will Medicare only pay for one spot of skin cancer to be removed at a time?

    There is no Medicare Part B coverage rule that forces a patient to undergo procedures in any particular order. The decision about how many spots are to be removed at any one time is up to your father and his doctor, based on what is medically necessary and reasonable, and on what your father believ...
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  6. What are the signs and symptoms of salivary gland cancer?

    The most common early sign of salivary gland cancer is a lump or swelling in the area of the salivary gland, which is between your neck and your jawline. If you detect an area of swelling in your mouth, neck, along your jaw, or higher up in your face closer to your ear, see a doctor. (The two main s...
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  7. FAQ: Does Sugar Feed Cancer Cells?

    The short answer is no -- with a big qualifying "but." Glucose (sugar) is the primary fuel for most of the cells in the body, including the brain, muscles, and -- yes -- even cancer cells. It's the preferred fuel because it's easily taken up by most cells throughout the body to use as an energy sour...
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  8. How can I stop feeling resentful that my parent with cancer has become so self-involved?

    Feelings of anger and resentment are perfectly natural. This is one of the things I hear most often from caregivers, and the first thing I always say is, "It's OK that you feel this way." Because of the cancer diagnosis, your father's life has been turned upside down, and so has yours. Your father ...
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  9. What do I do when my mother, who has ovarian cancer, expresses resentment about my siblings not coming to visit her enough?

    It's easy for resentment to divide siblings when you're care giving for a parent with cancer, so you're wise to be concerned about this issue. And if your mother's complaining and resentment are making you uncomfortable, you need to talk to her about it, or it will damage your relationship with her,...
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  10. Can laughter really help in treating cancer?

    In my work running support groups for cancer patients, I've found that humor and laughter are highly important. That's why I call my support group Strength Through Laughter. Most people going through cancer treatment are in for a very bumpy ride, and laughter helps them face the ups and downs with r...
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  11. How can I stop feeling so guilty that I'm not doing enough for my mother?

    The short answer is that you can't get your mother to stop making you feel guilty, because nobody outside yourself can make you feel guilty. Guilt is one of those things that we have to take charge of for ourselves and make our peace with. There's not a dial on your forehead that someone else can us...
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  12. For a person who is in remission from blood cancer, would getting a tattoo be dangerous?

    Probably not any more dangerous than someone who is not a cancer survivor. The challenges with tattoos are related to the needles, which have usual risks of carrying hepatitis, AIDS, and other blood-born infectious agents.  However, patients that have a history of blood cancer can be more susceptibl...
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  13. How necessary is it to treat cancer?

    Refusing cancer treatment is tricky. It depends on the type of cancer and how aggressive the cancer is as well as what, if any, treatment options exist as to whether it is a good idea to refuse treatment.
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  14. What are the signs of skin cancer?

    The signs of skin cancer can be obvious or subtle. There are three main types of skin cancer, depending on which skin cell type has gone bad: basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma, in order of increasing danger. Each can have many different appearances, and all three can also l...
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  15. Do hot spots on a cat scan mean you have cancer?

    In general, CT scans are screening tests.  Just because spots show up on your CT scan, it doesn't mean you have cancer.  To diagnose cancer in those "hot spots", we would have to have the spots biopsied, and the results would have to show cancerous growth. However, if you have already had cancer and...
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  16. How do I support my friend whose spouse has cancer?

    When we hear that a loved one, friend, or their spouse has received a terminal diagnosis, we're often reluctant to talk to them out of concern that we might say the wrong thing or be unable to give comforting answers for their pain and approaching loss. It's difficult to know how to help a friend wi...
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  17. Which natural cancer fighting supplements can be taken during chemotherapy?

    There are a number of nutrients, botanicals and supplements that can be successfully used during chemotherapy, to enhance the benefits and help to lessen side effects. In my clinical practice, my top recommendation for patients undergoing chemotherapy is Modified Citrus Pectin. It has also been sho...
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  18. How to pay for mom's cancer treatment with no private insurance?

    Although your mother cannot get private health insurance, she may be eligible for Medicaid. Medicaid is a safety net that covers health care for people with limited income and resources. You should check with your state or county Medicaid office to determine if your mother is eligible financially. Y...
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  19. Can lung cancer "wake up" dormant leukemia?

    Any cancer and its treatment puts a great deal of stress on the body. An active lung cancer might exasperate the "dormant leukemia" because the body's defenses will now be even more stressed. There is a significant risk that the combination of the 2 diseases and treatments could be very hard on yo...
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  20. How do I help my parent with cancer stay positive and look on the bright side?

    This very issue is why I call the support group I run "Strength Through Laughter" -- because it's so important to find those moments when you can laugh or feel positive, even if you're laughing through your tears. The most important thing is to never stop hoping. It doesn't help to be dishonest and ...
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