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  1. Does my uncle have to tell the nursing home about his savings bonds?

    It sounds like your aunt will be applying for Medicaid. Medicaid is a program for people who are in need of long term care and do not have the resources to pay for it. Medicaid needs to know about all assets that belong to both spouses. Not disclosing assets is fraud. Yes, the state can recover back...
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  2. Will Medicare pay for TMJ surgery?

    The answer is probably yes, but you should make sure with the surgeon's office before the surgery. Whether Medicare Part B covers it depends on the exact kind of oral surgery, and on who performs it. Medicare considers most oral surgery to be "dental" rather than "medical," and so does not cover it....
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  3. Costs of assisted living/memory care facilities are breathtaking! Will they accept patients with early-severe stage AD?

    Thank you for adding that information.
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  4. Can my 83 year-old mother receive any help to pay for in home care?

    As the surviving spouse of a veteran, your mother may be eligible for a widow's pension. This benefit provides up to $1,094/month to help pay for long term care, including home care. To qualify for the maximum, your mother's home care expenses plus any health insurance premiums, e.g. Medicare supple...
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  5. How to pay for mom's cancer treatment with no private insurance?

    Although your mother cannot get private health insurance, she may be eligible for Medicaid. Medicaid is a safety net that covers health care for people with limited income and resources. You should check with your state or county Medicaid office to determine if your mother is eligible financially. Y...
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  6. What's the Process for Replacing a Medicare ID Card?

    The Social Security Administration issues Medicare cards. To get a replacement card, contact the Social Security Administration -- which issues Medicare cards -- in one of several ways. To get a replacement card online, go to the Medicare replacement card page on the Social Security Administration w...
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  7. How can I cash out of a life insurance policy to pay for medical or long-term care?

    A life insurance policy is intended to provide money to a survivor or survivors of the deceased policyholder. But for many people with a life insurance policy, it can instead be turned into a source of cash to help pay the insured person's own expenses. This might be done by collecting "accelerated ...
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  8. Is There Extra V.A. Help for Veterans Who Are Housebound or Can't Care for Themselves?

    A low-income veteran with wartime service who is unable to care for himself or is disabled and housebound might be eligible for V.A. Aid & Attendance (A&A) or Housebound benefits, which can be paid in addition to a low-income, wartime veteran's basic pension. A veteran must qualify for a low-income ...
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  9. Does the V.A. Have Pensions for Disabled, Low-Income Veterans?

    A low-income veteran may be eligible for a pension from the V.A. if the veteran meets all four of the following conditions:
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  10. My wife has ALS and I don't know how to financially survive.

    Hi Scott -
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  11. How Much Does it Cost for Independent Living?

    Hello, Thank you for reaching out to Caring.com with your question. Caring.com has a team of Family Advisors that can help you with locating housing options. Family Advisors can be reached 7 days a week by phone at (800) 325 8591.
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  12. What options are available if there is no money/benefits other than Medicare?

    Hello, I would encourage you to contact your local Area Agency on the Aging. They are available to assist seniors who are on a limited income. To locate the nearest Area Agency on the Aging click here: https://www.caring.com/local/area-agency-on-aging
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  13. Mom sells condo and goes to AL but can she hold back some $ ?

    Hi buffalogal, Thanks for your questions! Our family advisors are available by phone seven days a week to answer questions about paying for assisted living and finding a community near your mom in Ohio. They can even schedule tours for you and your family.The service is no charge to families and sen...
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  14. Does long term care insurance cover the costs of a certified nurse aide (CNA)?

    First, check with your LTCi agent to make certain that you pay directly to the aide and be reimbursed, and not through an agency. Each policy is different as to what constitutes the event that triggers coverage, and what is covered and by whom. Your agent is the best one to cover this with you. And ...
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  15. Where do I start caring for my aunt?

    In a situation like this, the only option for your aunt may be a nursing home. However, in order to pay for one she'll need to apply for Medicaid.
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  16. Are there state regulations governing the reimbursement by...

    Each state has a Department of Insurance that does regulate insurance practices within that state. To find the number for any particular state one can go to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (web site www.naic.org/state_web_map.html) and click on the individual state to see a list...
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  17. My wife and I have been in the USA for approx. 4.5 years. We...

    In general, no adult child is responsible for the debts of a parent except under one of several circumstances:
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  18. Are there any programs available to help my pay for my husband's Alzheimer's care?

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  19. Is it legally safe to combine my money with my wifes for her Alzheimer's care?

    Depending on which state you live in, there are different names for your property. Any property that was yours prior to the marriage is called "separate" in a community property state and "non-marital" in an equitable distribution state. (Most states are the latter.) The same applies to your wife's ...
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  20. My mother has no assets, should she file for bankruptcy?

    A person files for bankruptcy when they cannot repay their debts. Is there a garnishment on your mother's pension that is diverting money to pay off her debts? If this is the case, your mother can file for bankruptcy to discharge the debts and stop the garnishment.
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