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Pancreatic Cancer Questions

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  1. If a stomach peg, NG tube and central line are all not options, how can we get Mom the nutrition she needs?

    Sorry to hear about this predicament. I have a few thoughts:
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  2. What are the symptoms of pancreatic cancer?

    The problem with pancreatic cancer "“ and the reason so many cases aren't diagnosed until an advanced stage "“ is that early-stage pancreatic tumors don't cause many noticeable symptoms. For this reason, it's important to have regular check-ups, as sometimes doctors find tumors during exams. It's a...
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  3. Can vitamin C help fight pancreatic cancer?

    There are some animal studies pointing to the use of intravenous Vitamin C to help treat pancreatic cancer. In addition, it has been shown that pancreatic cancer cells have much lower levels of antioxidant activity, making these cancer cells especially vulnerable to Vitamin C which functions as a pr...
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  4. What is insulin resistance?

    The term insulin resistance means your dad's body is unable to respond to or use the hormone insulin in a normal, healthy way. Unlike a person with type 1 diabetes, your dad may well produce plenty of insulin, but for some unknown reason the insulin doesn't work very well at its job, which is lettin...
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  5. What are some tips for a long distance caregiver to a dad with pancreatic cancer?

    Any late stage cancer demands attention. The median, or average, survival rate of pancreatic cancer patients at this stage is 8-12 months. Those months will bring continual debilitation and loss of independence for him. Immediately you should:
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  6. What are the symptoms and stages of pancreatic cancer?

    The symptoms and stages of pancreatic cancer are multiple depending on the location of the disease within the pancreas and its extent. Your monther seems to have a locally advanced pancreatic cancer, from what you say, that involves the covering of the bowel or invades the local blood supply of the ...
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