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Ovarian Cancer Q&A Questions

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  1. Is vomiting more than 10 times a day still considered normal?

    Vomiting 10 times a day may be normal for a very short time after a few types of medication but it is never OK. Certainly if it is still causing electrolyte imbalances such as a low potassium level after three weeks, there should be an effort to get her vomiting under better control. Her oncologis...
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  2. Could my cramps be a symptom of ovarian cancer or menopause?

    I read your question. I understand that your menstrual cramps are worse, which is a change for you. Menopause usually doesn't cause menstrual cramps at mid-cycle. Ovarian cysts or endometriosis are more likely to cause the cramping pain you describe than ovarian cancer. If you are really worried...
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  3. What are the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer

    The problem with ovarian cancer is that many of the symptoms are easily confused with digestive disorders and bladder problems, so the cancer goes unrecognized until it's advanced. But in retrospect, many women with ovarian cancer realize they were experiencing unexplained symptoms for months, even ...
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  4. Can low estrogen levels cause a low white blood count?

    First of all, I am happy to hear your wife has survived ovarian cancer since 1993. I am not aware of a correlation between low estrogen levels and a low white blood count. However, given her history of ovarian cancer, I am assuming she underwent some sort of treatment for the ovarian cancer, such ...
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  5. How can I convince my mother and sister to step back without hurting their feelings?

    You're in wonderful position to have you sister's trust during this trying time in her life. She must feel very comfortable with you. At the same time, you're in the difficult position of being a family member she wants to be around more than others. Give yourself lots of credit for being sensitive ...
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  6. Can ovarian cancer cause swelling feet and legs?

    In the case of certain cancers, particularly ovarian and colon cancers, an abdominal tumor may get big enough to press on the main veins that bring fluid back to the heart from the legs. The weight of the tumor causes the veins to narrow, so it takes more pressure to push the fluid through the veins...
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  7. A friend tells me I am emotional over having ovarian cancer. How can you not be emotional facing recurrances or dying?

    You're not alone; it's natural to become extremely emotional while battling any type of cancer. Some people refer to it as a "roller-coaster ride" because there is so much bad news/good news/bad news.
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  8. Does this sound like a relapse in cancer?

    Dear Anonymous,
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  9. What can we do to help decrease the swelling in my mom's legs and feet?

    when my wife had ovarian cancer and swelling in her thighs ankles an feet, i was able to keep the swelling out of her ankles and feet by elevating her feet with a pillow it also helped with the thighs some. but i was never able to get the sweelling completely down in her thighs. u should know that w...
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  10. What is the prognosis for stage 4 ovarian cancer?

    When your oncologist tells you that your ovarian cancer is Stage IV, it means the cancer has metastasized, or spread, to other parts of your body. That said, no one can offer you a prognosis for your cancer other than your own oncologist, who is familiar with your case, in particular your pathology ...
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  11. What are the signs and symptoms of salivary gland cancer?

    The most common early sign of salivary gland cancer is a lump or swelling in the area of the salivary gland, which is between your neck and your jawline. So do go see your doctor if you detect an area of swelling in your mouth, neck, along your jaw, or higher up in your face closer to your ear. (The...
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  12. Should I get a second opinion for ovarian cancer diagnosis?

    Yes, get a second opinion, and don't delay.  With your family's history, you'll want to be smart and act quickly.
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  13. Is ovarian cancer possible after a hysterectomy?

    A Hysterectomy means the removal of the uterus but may or may not involve removal of the ovaries. The ovaries are the source of ovarian cancer. If you had your ovaries removed 25 years ago, then it would be practically impossible to develop ovarian cancer now. If you still have your ovaries then ...
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  14. What type of chemo is given for ovarian cancer?

    Ovarian cancer tends to spread widely within the abdomen. When it attaches to the covering of the bowel, it tends to exude fluid called ascites. That can cause bloating and bowel disfunction. Another issue affecting the bowel might be actual blockage of the bowel contents or inflammation of the bowe...
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  15. What is an omentum? How is it related to a "beer belly"?

    They are very different. The omentum is part of the lining on the inside of the abdominal cavity that attaches the stomach to various other abdominal organs. A "beer belly" is very different as it is not due to a process within the abdominal cavity. A "beer belly" is basically increasing abdomina...
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  16. Can we get a nurse if hospice is not an option?

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