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Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapy Questions

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  1. How do I convince my father to use a walker?

    This is an important question, and one that comes up frequently. Using a walker, cane or other walking aid, as they're often called, is a loaded issue for many seniors, representing a significant loss of independence. Yet, ironically, once someone tries a walking aid, and sees how much stability it ...
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  2. How Can I Get My Mother-in-law to Do Her PT Exercises in Between Therapists Visits?

    The disappointing but realistic answer is that you cannot MAKE her do her exercises. I know this is hard to hear. You want more than anything for her to do everything possible to keep her pain free and mobile. Here are a couple suggestions that may help. Look into exercise classes through your local...
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  3. How do I help Dad recover from his stroke if his healthcare professionals seem to have written him off?

    It sounds like your father suffered a right middle cerebral artery stroke. In most people, this would not effect speech, but in a fairly sizeable portion of left handed individuals, the language center is in the right hemisphere.
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  4. Is aquatic therapy in a heated pool safe for someone with a blood clot in the leg?

    Blood clots in the legs, also called deep vein thrombosis (DVT), occurs when a blood clot forms in a large veins of the lower leg. These clots can also develop in the thigh, pelvis, or arm. DVT can cause serious problems, like disability and even death. Therefore, it is important to try to prevent D...
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  5. Will dad ever get his strength back, and is the physical therapy worth doing?

    Your question is "Will he get his strength back?" Yes, muscles do continue to respond to strength training throughout the lifetime. But functional outcomes such as walking, bathing, dressing require a lot more than pure strength. For example, balance, motor control, muscle flexibility and length, vi...
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  6. What's the best way to help my 250-pound father walk?

    It depends on how much physical assistance your father needs. I'd suggest you start by having him see his doctor to find out if an underlying condition is affecting how he walks. Depending on his ability, you'll need to consider a variety of things to gauge how much help he needs.
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  7. How do I get my mother to do her physical therapy?

    There are a few ways you can encourage your mother to follow through with her physical therapy program. One, make sure she gets a hand-out with pictures and written instructions so she knows exactly what she’s supposed to do. Also, it’s been shown that people are more successful with exercise regime...
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  8. What are ROM exercises for bedridden patients?

    We usually do ROM movements on bedridden patients -- these exercises help keep joints flexible. ROM stands for "range of motion."
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  9. How do I get my father physical therapy?

    The member of the health care team who is usually best equipped to handle this question is a social worker.  There are home care companies who can provide some physical therapy in the home if the patient is physically strong enough but it usually requires a doctor’s order.  Ask your father’s oncolog...
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  10. What to do when client refuses range of motion therapy?

    Range of motion exercises are usually necessary to regain motion or prevent futher loss of motion.  They can be very mundane for both the client and caregiver.  As a therapist, I make a point to explain why these exercises are important, i.e. if you lose more shoulder movement, it will become more d...
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  11. Can I charge for speech therapy under Part B?

    Several different Medicare rules come into play in answering your question. First of all, if Medicare Part A covers the skilled nursing facility stay, all medically necessary inpatient services -- including speech therapy -- are usually provided by the facility itself and would be included in the d...
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  12. How can an Alzheimer's person go thorugh physical therapy?

    Your concern about your mom-in-law's impending surgery is both admirable and warranted. The most difficult problem, related to surgery in elderly dementia patients, is the after-effect of anesthesia. To that caveat, I must add that often the person, who is cognitively impaired, becomes extremel...
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  13. How can I help my father get up from a fall without causing injury to him or me?

    It sounds like your father is certainly dealing with a difficult combination of medical issues. I can't recommend highly enough that you and your dad see a physical therapist to help him learn safe ways of moving. A physical therapist can also teach you how to safely assist him. You can either go to...
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  14. Are there any mobility devises that don't look like walkers?

    It’s true that many people who need assistance resist using a walker because they don’t like the image it portrays. There are some options that look less like a traditional aluminum walker. But first, a quick reminder: Your parent should be assessed and advised by a physical therapist before choosin...
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  15. How can I recover from a stroke?

    Kitty,There are many things you can do to get your brain to recognize your left side again. First, therapy is a vitally important facet of rehabilitation. Possibly you received physical therapy post-stroke. While in therapy, the therapist designed a program specific to your loss of function. Those e...
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  16. How is my mother's Physical Therapy going to work, if when she broke her hip, she also broke her shoulder?

    Your mother is lucky to have you for a daughter because her rehab will be complicated. A lot depends on which limbs are affected. Are the breaks on the same side or opposite sides? The therapists will have to develop her rehab plan accordingly. They will consider her weight-bearing status, previous ...
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  17. What can I do to encourage my elderly parent to use a walker or cane?

    I know how difficult this can be. Using an assistive device for walking often symbolizes regression in an elderly person's mind -- a visible sign of losing independence. It's important to listen to, acknowledge, and empathize with your father's concerns. But, there are several things you can do to e...
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  18. How do I get my great grandfather to wash his body?

    When I hear of this type of situation, my first thought is that your great grandfather probably needs more skilled support, either to help him bathe or to re-teach him bathing skills. Activities like showering are considered "activities of daily living," and an occupational therapist is very skilled...
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  19. What exercises can I do to help with weight loss after a stroke?

    Strokes affect people in different ways; most people experience some degree of weakness in either their arm/leg or both. This weakness, even if mild, can throw off a person's balance making them increased risk for falls. Weakness can also cause you to overuse your stronger side of the body which cou...
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  20. Post-stroke, what can we do to help him sleep?

    Your father's experiences with sleep problems after a stroke are common. Fortunately, in most cases, it does get better. Your neurologist can give you a lot more details about all the different options for treatment.
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