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Low Blood Cell Counts Questions

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  1. Would removing my spleen help my white blood cell count?

    Spleens are really like large lymph node, which means they remove old red blood cells and platelets from the blood, and can help detect and fight against certain bactaeria. Splenectomy (or removal of the spleen) is usually done when hte spleen becomes enlarged or is injured in a traumatic acciden...
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  2. Is bone pain from Neulasta common? If so, how can bone pain be prevented or treated?

    Neulasta is an effective medication to help shorten, but not prevent, post-chemotherapy neutropenia (low white blood cell count). Unfortunately, one common side effect is severe bone pain. It's a growth factor, which means it works by revving up the bone marrow to produce more white blood cells. Si...
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  3. What type of food can I use to build up a low blood count?

    A low white blood cell count can indicate a variety of conditions, some of them serious. Before you start a program to try to up these numbers, consult with your doctor to rule out viral infections, cancer and autoimmune disorders. Once you've established that no serious problems are present, you ca...
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  4. What causes a low white blood cell count?

    A low white blood count (below 4000) could have many causes.  The most common would be medication side effects (like chemotherapy), heavy metal exposure, infections, bone marrow disorders, or an immune system disorder. 
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  5. What causes low hemoglobin levels?

    Since her platelet count is low, several conditions can be to blame. The most common include anemias, idiopathic thrombocytic purpura, or HIV infection. A low hemoglobin can be caused by many health problems, from liver or kidney diseases to cancer.
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  6. Can Warfarin cause low blood platelets?

    It sounds like you are really concerned about your mother's health. Regarding her warfarin (coumadin) use, this drug does not cause a low platelet count. It can cause bleeding if the drug level gets too high, so with her low platelet count (which can also lead to bleeding), she should be monitored...
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  7. Can you have too much blood in your body?

    Reading through your letter, it sounds like there are two issues going on here. First is the blood counts problems: the low white count, and the high red count. Low white blood cells are usually caused by cancers, severe bacterial or viral infections, or immune disorders (like HIV/AIDS or lupus). ...
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  8. How can you raise low blood counts due to liver disease?

    In your letter, you do not say what kind of liver disease your mother has, so I will try to answer your questions the best that I can. That being said, the liver has many functions in the human body, including making cholesterol and bile, storing glucose, and metabolizing medications and alcohol. A...
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  9. What foods have a high iron content?

    Your best, most absorbable form of dietary iron will come from animal products such as beef, poultry, and eggs. In general, the darker the meat the higher the iron content. We also get iron from plant foods such as dark leafy greens and certain dried fruits. Plant sources of iron are less well a...
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  10. Can low estrogen levels cause a low white blood count?

    First of all, I am happy to hear your wife has survived ovarian cancer since 1993. I am not aware of a correlation between low estrogen levels and a low white blood count. However, given her history of ovarian cancer, I am assuming she underwent some sort of treatment for the ovarian cancer, such ...
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  11. Can having low platelets cause pain and agitation?

    Platelets are blood cells that help your blood to clot. Low platelets (called thrombocytopenia) usually occurs from a disease, like leukemia, or from a medication. Thrombocytopenia can range from mild cases, which will have few symptoms, to severe, where bleeding can easily occur.
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  12. Is there anything I can take to boost my white blood count?

    Yes. Prescription-strength folate supplements can help bump up a low white blood cell count, especially if these supplements weren’t being taken before discontinuing the methotrexate medication. Methotrexate is a good treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, but as you now know, it can cause low blood co...
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  13. Will vitamins help boost a low white blood count?

    Folate and vitamin B12 are the two vitamins that are most important for making blood cells, including white blood cells. Whether taking these vitamins helps your husband's white count would depend on whether he was low on these vitamins to begin with. Usually a lack of folate and/or vitamin B12 ca...
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  14. What are causes of low blood count, red and white?

    Signs of both a low white and red blood cell count include cancers (like leukemia), hyperthyroidism, bone marrow disorders, aplastic anemia, myelodysplastic syndromes, severe infections, or medication side effects.  If both counts are low, you should be seen by a hematologist to find out what is goi...
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  15. Could arthritis medication cause a low white blood cell count?

    Sure, certain types of arthritis treatments, especially the newer medications that work on keeping the immune system in check for people with Rheumatoid Arthritis, can definitely cause a low blood count. I would discuss this with your Rheumatologist, to see if an alternative treatment needs to be e...
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  16. Could a low red blood cell count mean cancer?

    There are many reasons for a person to have low iron and low numbers of red blood cells. In a woman, it could be blood loss from regular periods (menses) that leads to the low iron. Diet and not eating enough iron can also be a reason among others. Cancer can be a reason for low red blood cell pr...
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  17. How can I prevent frequent nose bleeds brought on by low blood platelets?

    Having a low platelet count leaves your mother vulnerable to nosebleeds because it takes her blood longer to clot. And once she has one, they tend to recur. So you want to try to prevent nosebleeds from starting in the first place, or at least break the cycle.
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  18. Which systems in the body are affected by chemotherapy?

    There are many different drugs that fall into the category of chemotherapy medications. Since they are made from different chemicals, they can have very different and specific side effects that affect different parts of the body. A few chemotherapy drugs have a very narrow target, and affect a certa...
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  19. What could be causing a low white-blood, red-blood, and low-platelet counts in a former cancer patient?

    Low red blood cell counts and low platelet counts are side effects of chemotherapy because the chemotherapy drugs kill off the fast-growing bone marrow cells that boost red and white blood cell counts.
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  20. What can I do with my diet to increase my red blood count?

    Anemia is very common problem, and can have numerous causes. These include lack of iron, or genetics. Anemia can range from mild to severe.
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