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Liver Cancer Questions

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  1. Can I give my father a diuretic to help with the swelling in his feet caused by liver cancer?

    You can always ask your doctor for a diuretic and see if it works. There's no serious danger, but it may not do your father much good, and there are some potential side effects. Diuretics work well for most kinds of fluid retention because they cause the kidneys to excrete more fluid. But if the cau...
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  2. What's the prognosis with a liver cancer diagnosis?

    When someone you know has been diagnosed with liver cancer, he or she needs to find out several things about the cancer:
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  3. Stage 4 Liver Cancer and All Treatment Options Have Been Exhausted. What's Next?

    Hi Kelly, It's difficult to know what the doctor meant exactly by "ride it out," but likely it means that no further options for treatment of the cancer remain. At this time, your role as a caregiver will change from active treatment to comfort care. The focus will shift to quality of life issues, l...
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  4. Is it possible to have liver cancer with no symptoms?

    Yes, it is possible, and even probable to have no symptoms of liver cancer. Or, a patient could have non-specific symptoms -- like your father's weakness and pain that could be attributed to something else. This is one of the reasons that when discovered diseases like liver cancer, pancreatic cancer...
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  5. How long will chemoembolization last?

    Chemoembolization is an image-guided minimally invasive procedure in which a liver tumor is treated by injecting a high concentration of chemotherapy directly into the tumor, then cutting off the blood flow to the tumor (embolization). It's typically done in the hospital using either an intravenous ...
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  6. Does it sound like my father with stage 4 cancer is dying?

    Dear Jo182,I wish doctors were better at talking about these issues, so that those of us caring for parents and loved ones with cancer had the information we need to make difficult decisions. It sounds like you're going to need to have a conversation with your parents, and ask them to relate in as m...
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  7. What is the life expectacy with stage 4 prostate and liver cancer?

    Life expectancy with stage 4 prostate cancer varies greatly because stage 4 means distant metastases and they are often in the bone. These can be very painful but usually do not immediately affect length of life. You wrote that your husband had mets in the liver which is probably more serious. It...
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  8. Why is there this pain during chemotherapy?

    Chemotherapy medications may cause many different types of side effects with different people.
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  9. Are there foods that can help with treating liver cancer?

    There is a great cookbook called "The Cancer Fighting Kitchen" by Rebecca Katz - available on Amazon or many other internet resources, or bookstores. It is well researched to help the body by giving good nourishment to fight the cancer while helping the body heal. I hope that helps!
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  10. How can I help my deal with the swelling in her legs, resulting from her cancer?

    My mother had leg swelling due to cancer she was put on a bloodthinner that has helped.
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