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Kidney Cancer Questions

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  1. Can you tell me about a drug called Sumitinib?

    Sunitinib malate (brand name Sutent) is a breakthrough drug approved by the FDA in 2006 to treat advanced renal cell carcinoma, or kidney cancer. Like sorafenib (brand name Nexavar), another new biologic treatment for renal cell cancer, sunitinib is a biologic therapy that suppresses tumor growth. B...
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  2. my husband is 53 and has kidney and iliac wing and pelvic...

    What to expect depends on the type of cancer, how fast it grows and where it metastasizes.  It is important to discuss the possibilities with your husband’s oncologist. 
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  3. Can untreated Type 2 Diabetes cause kidney cancer and congestive heart failure?

    Certainly uncontrolled diabetes puts people at a higher risk for many health consequences.
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