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Incontinence Questions

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  1. How Should I Clean the Skin After Someone With Incontinence Has an Accident?

    Use the right supplies and a consistent approach. It's important to get the skin both clean and dry after an incidence of bladder or fecal incontinence. Many older people will need help with this because they lack the mobility to do a thorough job, or they may feel embarrassed and want to dispense w...
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  2. What If I Can't Handle Caring for Someone With Incontinence?

    Here's the thing about handling incontinence: It's the turning point upon which many caregivers feel they can no longer look after someone at home, and for some good reasons. Incontinence can be frustrating and difficult to deal with. But at the same time, there are many approaches to coping with in...
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  3. Is Incontinence a Normal Part of Aging?

    Anyone can develop incontinence -- the loss of bladder or bowel control causing leakage -- although certain groups are at higher risk. But it's a myth that incontinence is an expected part of growing older. Incontinence isn't normal; it reflects an underlying problem. Incontinence is a symptom, not ...
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  4. How Can I Get an Incontinent Person to Use Adult Diapers?

    Your most effective entry point to the subject is through the person's doctor. When the suggestion to use incontinence products comes from him or her, you avoid getting into a battle of wills or an argument -- or being seen as the "bad guy." Besides, it's smart to link the discussion to a doctor's v...
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  5. Does Incontinence Ever Clear up on Its Own?

    Yes, it's possible for incontinence to reverse itself -- but it depends on the cause. Temporary urinary incontinence can be caused by such situations as a urinary tract infection, constipation, a side effect of a new medication, vaginal irritation, or pregnancy or childbirth. The problem sometimes g...
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  6. How Do I Lessen Embarrassment for an Incontinent Person?

    The best response is to show no embarrassment yourself. A direct, matter-of-fact attitude helps the person save face and helps you both deal with the situation rather than focusing on the feelings around it.
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  7. What Is Bladder Training?

    Bladder training (also called bladder retraining) is a method of learning to regain a measure of control over one's bladder to minimize incontinence. It's usually used by people who have urge incontinence, the type associated with a strong and sudden need to urinate that happens before one can make ...
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  8. How Is Urge Incontinence (Overactive Bladder) Treated?

    Several approaches are used to treat urge incontinence (also called overactive bladder), which is the sudden and strong sensation of needing to use the bathroom, followed by a leakage of urine before this can happen. It's more common in older women, but many men are also affected.
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  9. How Can I Tactfully Tell Someone He's Missing the Toilet?

    You'll first want to try to figure out why his aim is off. Some possibilities:
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  10. How Common Is Incontinence in Older Adults?

    By some estimates, as many as half of all adults will suffer from incontinence -- the loss of bladder or bowel control, causing leakage -- at some point in their lives. But incontinence isn't a normal or inevitable consequence of aging. It's a symptom of a problem, not a disease itself.
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  11. How Do I Handle an Incontinent Adult With Dementia Who Keeps Removing His Diaper?

    If an incontinent person with dementia removes or plays with the diaper, you have a few options.
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  12. What Causes Urinary Tract Infections Among Older Adults?

    Older adults are prone to urinary tract infections (UTIs) because they tend to experience certain problems that set people up for this kind of infection. Experts estimate that 25 to 30 percent of all infections in older adults are UTIs.
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  13. How Can Urinary Tract Infections in Older Adults Be Prevented?

    Since urinary tract infections (UTIs) in older adults are usually caused by urine that sits longer than normal in the bladder, improving the drainage of the bladder can help reduce incidences of UTIs.
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  14. Is it normal to "leak" when you sneeze or laugh?

    No; leaking urine while sneezing or laughing isn't normal. But it's a common problem, especially among older women. This type of incontinence is called stress incontinence, because the urine leaks when sneezing, laughing, or other activities cause the body to "bear down," which puts pressure on the ...
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  15. What's the best way to control odor from urinary incontinence?

    Start by checking to make sure that her diapers or incontinence briefs fit her well and aren't leaking. Where does she put the used diapers or briefs after they're soiled? If she hasn't yet bought one, you should recommend that she buy a special bin for soiled diapers, like the one you would use for...
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  16. How can I minimize the damage caused to the furniture by my incontinent father?

    For the bed, you can purchase reusable waterproof mattress pads that have cotton or flannel on one side and vinyl backing on the other to keep the mattress dry. To protect the sofa and chair, look for washable waterproof pads that come in different colors and patterns to complement the upholstery.
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  17. How do I get the stains and smell associated with urine out of a recliner?

    It's not easy removing urine stains or smell from fabric, including upholstered furniture. You may want to hire a carpet or upholstery-cleaning company, but tell them first what you need, to see if they think they can help. This is a more expensive route, and it may cost almost as much to get a new ...
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  18. Can damaged brain cells from a stroke take over healthy cells over time?

    The basic answer to this question is no. A stroke causes brain damage, but that damage should be limited to the cells that are affected by the event itself. A stroke should never grow in size over several years. It sounds like something else is happening.
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  19. How can I get my grandmother to change and dispose of her adult diapers regularly?

    Hi Danielle, I feel for you. This is a tough situation. I guess the good news is that your grandmother is wearing diapers (I recently had a question from someone whose parent refuses to do this, soiling herself.)
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  20. Is there a mask for caregivers to use when changing geriatric diapers?

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