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  1. How come I feel so guilty about the drugs that were administered during hospice?

    Second guessing one's decisions in an 'end of life' situation is commonplace, but since your husband and you discussed this eventuality beforehand, you really shouldn't. It's always a difficult choice between treating the pain--and accepting drowsiness/inattentiveness that comes with the treatment-...
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  2. How do I change hospice agencies?

    A red flag appears when I hear about an ill person distrusting those whose job is to provide care and comfort. Medicine interactions, cognitive impairments related to the disease process-both of these things can make a person distrustful when there is no reason to be distrustful. Having strangers in...
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  3. Is Hospice a solution for an Alzheimer's patient?

    When you ask for a 'solution' there must exist a 'problem'. Since one has not been identified, I will assume this is a generalized query. Perhaps there is no primary carepartner or no home setting or extended healthcare community for the patient to live out his/her final years. It is difficult to ...
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  4. Can I demand that Dad receive home hospice if Mom says no?

    As you know all too well, you and your family members are in a delicate position, which may have no easy or ideal solution.
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  5. Is it time for hospice?

    I am sorry about your husband. When someone is as sick as your husband is, it is appropriate to call a hospice that serves your area and talk with them. They offer many services that can be helpful including nurses visits and occasionally doctor's visits to your home. If you sign onto hospice, yo...
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  6. Why is my father's oncologist making him choose between chemotherapy or hospice?

    I do not know why your father's oncologist is saying that now he must choose between chemotherapy and hospice. There may be a reason, such as the lymphoma might be growing and it is important to treat it now. If that is so, your oncologist ought to be able to explain it. If your father is not happ...
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  7. How will accepting hospice care affect my job?

    You should consider hospice when your husband, 1) has completed all his therapies, such as radiation, chemotherapy, blood transfusions, or other therapies and, 2) when his physician can state he/she estimates his life expectancy at 6 months or less, should his disease run its normal course.
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  8. Is this hospice nurse getting to personal with my widowed mother?

    From your description, it sounds like your mother could use some support from you. It is not the normal "follow up" for any hospice to keep in contact with the family of the deceased in the way you describe. Hospice offers bereavement follow up care for up to one year to support families during th...
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  9. Can I talk to my sister's hospice caregivers in another state?

    I would suggest you contact the hospice that is caring for your sister, directly, and explain your concerns. As a family member you may be able to talk to the caregivers your sister has. This is not a "given" though. If your sister has stated she only wants to speak to her guardian, for example, ...
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  10. Can mom be catheterized while in hospice to make it easier on me?

    Indwelling catheters are an option when the patient is unable to ambulate to the bathroom, or is currently wearing briefs. This is an invasive treatment, requires a physician order, and is not pleasant for the patient. There is always a risk of infection; families need to be educated on good cathe...
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  11. We want to place mom in hospice care but were denied, what should we do?

    First, your mom is under the care of her primary physician. He or she is the one to consult regarding a referral to hospice. From your description, your mom would benefit greatly from hospice in that her pain and symptoms would be managed, as "curative" treatments are no longer an option. Secondl...
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  12. Can hospice step in if an Alzheimer's patient no longer wants to be hospitalized?

    The Hospice Benefit requires that patients have a prognosis, or life expectancy, of 6 months or less as determined by their doctor. This is really an end-of-life benefit when cure is no longer an option and all therapies have been completed. Most patients with Alzheimer's disease will have other c...
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  13. Can Hospice Administer IV Treatment for Sodium and Potassium for Terminal Cancer?

    This question does not have a single answer as it depends on the hospice. The easy answer is that hospice is not prohibited BY LAW from providing any treatment. The problem is that hospice only gets paid a small amount for each day a patient is on hospice. Most hospices barely break even and so t...
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  14. How Can Hospice Help a Person With Severe/End Alzheimer's?

    I am not sure that you can get more help from the hospice. Your father might have to look for a nursing home for your mother, where she could get 24 hr care and still receive hospice care as well.
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  15. Should my mother be using an IV when in hospice care?

    IV therapy in hospice care is a controversial issue. Many research studies have been done on this topic. In many cases, IV therapy isn't an option for hospice patients because they have poor veneous access (no veins), or a health condition that makes giving fluids dangeous, like kidney disease. If t...
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  16. Where can I find a stroke specialist to examine my mother in hospice care?

    I would start by asking her doctors or medical team. It sounds like you're specifically looking for a specialist who does home visits (a rarity, indeed, but not unheard of.) Your mom's hospice team should know who does this in your area, and be able to make referrals. You can also check with a geria...
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  17. Is it okay to only pay home expenses and let credit card debt slide while mom is in hospice care?

    Credit card companies have not been doing well in regard to public opinion lately and your situation certainly does nothing to enhance their reputation.  I suggest that you contact the credit card company and ask to speak to a supervisor.  Explain your mother's situation and that she is not in a pos...
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  18. How can we find hospice care in our area?

    It certainly seems like you have your hands full! Caring for your mom, as well as your dad, would be overwhelming for anyone. I am not sure you can find a hospice near you, but I have included a website at the end of my post whose specific purpose is finding hospices.
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  19. Where Can I Find a Pastor to Come and Give my Father Communion in Hospice Care?

    How wonderful that your father's been taken off of hospice care. It appears that you've invested in your dad's physical, emotional, and spiritual health over many years and are continuing to do so as you look for a pastor to administer communion. Allowing your father to express his faith is integral...
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  20. Mom doesn't want to go to hospice, but the dr's say it's the best place.

    From personal experience and severe regret, I don't advise taking your mom to a hospice facility. I took the doctor's and nurse's advice to put Mother in Care Partners' s John Keever Solace Center in Asheville, NC, after caring for her myself for twelve years. First thing, the nurses there insiste...
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