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HIPAA Questions

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  1. How can I obtain my deceased mother's medical records?

    You ask about getting your deceased mother's medical records. I am not clear about why you want them, but my experience is that most often, people want a deceased person's medical records because they suspect that something was not right about the care the deceased received. If that is the case, b...
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  2. What Can I Do When My Parent Refuses to Sign HIPAA

    There are several different parts to your question, so let's take them one at a time.You ask about HIPAA disclosure forms. A HIPAA form is a way for a patient to give written permission to health care providers to discuss and give information, to the person named in the form, about the patient's med...
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  3. How do I gain access to my parent's medical records without a durable power of attorney?

    HIPAA has proven to be a nightmare for more than a few families. Legally, you need to be named in a HIPAA authorization to gain access to your mother's data, or even to talk to her doctor -- even if she has given you a durable power of attorney for healthcare. Technically, if you call a hospital and...
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  4. Which forms do insurance companies and Medicare require in order for me to become a Patient Advocate for my elderly father?

    You might need a real hodge-podge of forms, depending on the requirements of specific agencies, medical offices, insurance companies and the like. These forms are in two categories:  financial and medical.
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