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  1. Are painkillers necessary after a bypass operation?

    Our thoughts are with you as you have your bypass surgery. I worked in the open heart surgery intensive care unit for years and I must say pain control and tolerance is a very individualized situation. Some patients only took tylenol while others took the pain killers every four hours.
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  2. What Is EECP, and Is It a Good Treatment Option for Angina?

    EECP (enhanced external counterpulsation) is a noninvasive treatment that improves the flow of healthy, oxygenated blood to the heart by opening or forming small (collateral) blood vessels, which can create natural bypasses around narrowed or blocked arteries. It's becoming more popular as an altern...
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  3. Can bypass surgery change a personality?

    Heart surgery -- or even receiving a diagnosis of heart disease -- can change someone's personality, pretty much like any psychological trauma. Sometimes there can be changes in the brain related to the surgery that cause personality changes, but more often it's just the shock of recognizing that yo...
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  4. Why does my brother still have alcohol detox symptoms after bypass surgery?

    Alcohol detox symptoms can vary from person to person.  The severity of the withdrawal depends on the severity of abuse, the person's age, and genetics.  Withdrawal can be severe, especially if delirium tremens develops.  Some people can even have seizures.
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  5. How long after heart bypass should you expect to experience chest pain?

    Procedural or incisional chest pain after bypass surgery typically lasts for about 6 weeks but should lessen over time. It takes the sternum (breast bone) 6 weeks to heal so once this is completed the chest discomfort usually goes away. Any type of chest pain or discomfort should be discussed with y...
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  6. What's the Difference Between Angina, Coronary Artery Disease, and Heart Disease?

    The number of different terms used for types of heart disease can be confusing. Angina is actually a symptom of coronary artery disease (CAD), which is also called coronary heart disease.
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  7. How can I convince my father to have coronary bypass surgery?

    It’s understandable that you want your father to have the surgery. Bypass surgery can definitely extend the lives of some patients with heart disease. However, surgery also has its own dangers, so patients must weigh the risks and benefits for themselves. If your father says he'll never be the same ...
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  8. How can I help boost my mother's mood after her bypass surgery for heart disease?

    First, you need to confirm that she actually has depression. There are a lot of different things that can masquerade as depression, including anemia (from her surgery) and low thyroid activity. She needs to see her doctor to rule those out.
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  9. What does it mean when a person has to get a ring in their heart after a triple bypass?

    A triple heart bypass is an operation that bypasses three coronary arteries, or coronary arteries in three places. A ring is a device that's used to repair a valve in the heart that's disease, usually either the mitral or aortic valve. The ring has to be placed by open heart surgery, and the bypass ...
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  10. My father had multiple strokes during an open heart surgery...

    I'm very sorry about your situation.  In general, open heart surgeries come with two different types of potential neurological complications.  The first is multiple small strokes.  This occurs most commonly when the aorta (or the large artery coming from the heart) is unclamped near the end of the p...
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  11. What regular checkups are recommended after bypass surgery?

    Regular checkups with your cardiologist after bypass surgery are essential to prevent future blockages and mantain optimal heart health. Your cardiologist should monitor:
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  12. When is the right time to have a bypass surgery?

    Avoiding bypass surgery is not recommended if your father has blockages in the arteries of his heart and a weakened heart muscle. If he has not had a heart catheterization yet that should be your next step. The heart catheterization shows how severe the blockages are and determines whether bypass s...
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  13. What can we expect after defibrillator surgery?

    First of all we hope everything goes well with the defibrillator procedure. The implantable defibrillator is used to deliver a shock to the heart when a life threatening irregular heart rhythm is detected. We have taken care of many people who have had these devices for years and have done well, it ...
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  14. Is a "racing heart" normal for someone with heart disease after a bypass?

    It's not uncommon, but that doesn't mean it's nothing to be concerned about. Your mother's symptoms should be reported to her physician immediately.
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  15. Can exercise improve ejection fraction?

    Cardiac rehabilitation may not play a major role in raising your mother-in-law's EF, but it should improve her quality of life and her ability to be active. EF is a helpful marker for physicians, but it isn't the be-all and end-all of rehabilitation. Some patients feel good and remain active in spit...
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  16. What are the non-surgical options for 100% heart blockage on one side of heart?

    Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to manage coronary artery disease besides surgery. People who have limited coronary artery disease without heart failure probably don't benefit from surgery, and people who have diffuse coronary artery disease that's spread throughout the vessels can't benefit f...
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  17. What is the average life expectancy for a heart disease patient after a bypass surgery?

    Unfortunately, it's not possible to answer this question over the internet. Your friend's life expectancy depends on many different factors, including what type of bypass surgery she had and how old she was when she had the bypass. Depending on the type of bypass surgery, the grafts can stay open fo...
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